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The Saga Of Aubrey Huff...

Plenty of fans spent most of last year and all of April criticizing the play of Aubrey Huff.  Another weak grounder to second?  Great… Yeah, I ripped him too.  But knowing now that he’s dealing with some anxiety issues brings into focus an obvious truth:  The human spirit can be fragile.  No matter how much money you make, it’s not easy to deal with expectation, pressure to perform, a broken marriage and who knows what else.  The Giants have a great clubhouse, and Aubrey Huff has been an integral part of it since he came west.  And he will be again.  Could he use a hot streak?  Sure.  But he could use some patience and support even more.  Most decent people are pretty understanding.
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In Giants Fandom, all things are possible. We know this because the euphoria of the 2010 World Series still lingers. Oh yes it does. So now that the glorious 49ers season is over, let’s get to real business. Giants pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training a week from tomorrow… finally. I know the Arizona Diamondbacks have gotten stronger. So have the Rockies. Actually, everybody believes they’ve improved their ballclub.  We get it. All I know is… the Giants have to be better. How could they be worse? Their anemic offense finished LAST in the National League in runs, RBIs, on-base percentage and hitting with runners in scoring position. With two out/runners-in-scoring-position… the Gigantes hit .173! That’s the worst average in the history of the game! Well, at least in the 37 years of that stat. I think you get the picture. So here they come…. Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, Angel Pagan, Freddie Sanchez, Tim Lincecum, Aubrey “I’m in shape” Huff, Panda, Melky Cabrera…. I can’t wait. As the Cincinnati Kid said…. “Okay, let’s see it.”
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House Arrest Can Be Rough...

It could have been worse for Barry Bonds. I know, some won’t be happy unless he rots in prison. But that’s not going to happen. He’s been fined $4,000,  sentenced to some community service and will have to endure “house arrest” for 30 days. Well, we know he has a mansion on a couple of acres in Beverly Hills… with 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. A month in those digs? You know what some people call that? A VACATION. And a luxury getaway like that will cost you a lot more than $4,000. And you’re appealing? Please. If I ever get in trouble, may I have that sentence?
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Andres Torres.. The Last Goodbye...

People come and go in Major League Baseball… it’s the nature of the game, especially these last few years. No one stays with the same team for long. But when word got out that Andres Torres had been traded by the Giants to the New York Mets, the outpouring of love, respect and admiration was instantaneous. Everyone who came across this guy, who toiled in the minors for years before helping the Giants become the 2010 World Series Champions, says he’s the nicest human being you’ll find, in or out of baseball. As I read the tributes, for some reason I had to reach for Kleenex. It must be allergy season in here. You can start with the McCovey Chronicles here…. and catch an appreciation by Scott Reiss here. Andres, I can only hope you’ll perform well in The Big Apple. But I promise you this…. The moment you’re introduced upon your return to AT & T Park, there’ll be a standing ovation that will reverberate across the Bay.
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