Fact or Fantasy 5/18/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, May 18th

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Thanks for nothing prides even promise me you're gonna get me some of those. Chili online and grasshoppers simple it and not get haven't robbed this these guys may have them coming to thank you Robin thank you for nothing. Drives. He want the mail order continents of the U. No offense around I mean we can you round them up in the backyard or something in the ideally on any of that if I thought I can get up to Seattle and it's soltys innocent Shia currency loses as ours you know from. I'm just say this or get them from but that's not really point. At least be able to have an idea what they taste like would you be hearing room. There's rod struck an optimistic about your chances of liking this is going to be like at some kind of on of your rent or send a crackers as his record cracker. What's in a semi tractor it's like a Japanese cracker and it still is also a class act of some news notes and I don't think it's the same. I'm Aaron I ices I think as I beg to differ yeah we're gonna talk about. What they have gone on in Fresno at the ball into the tickle. In a look at that here as part of rise guys factor fantasy. Crowd tonight on head and a today's hottest topics. That I fellow islanders lose their chances all mighty stream you rig did. It's a more rig in the NBA draft lottery but it's rock you by Aston price for the best advice don't think twice. Call Ashton and price not that she has anything to do with the rigging. Yeah but judge Jane. Via the site today earlier ownership not Craig did the league and from that Stan. Now the witch hunt to me it's really not either. Want now all I equally cool for both the view of room and so we'll see how today again we will we will I'm looking forward to it it should be get. Cries are starting now okay one yesterday oh okay so called Craig don't you just get a little ice. His tongue sticking out like Michael George I think we're going to be talking about where are fans that take writes yes Jordan never dominated opponents LeBron can rise as factor fans and fantasy. If sometimes we get so swept up in what we're seeing in that perspective visually RD gain that's a huge compliment to LeBron James there are times when. Thank you view. Especially if you are certain generations is like Willis has no one's ever done this before vaccine Jordan did this any dude in the playoffs. Mean he had sort it's sort of a famous game now that. Get a game where he was sick and said you've had flu like symptoms which is what he's won him many times they get it was a first timing whenever you like symptoms yeah entered the vernacular got a profit Matlin flew Mike's uncle who scored 38 points and fifteen points in the fourth quarter and in seven rebounds and at five system he was. He played on a great team but he was absolutely capable of dominating opponents exactly the way LeBron does that's cutting it compared to much. RA lady in Jordan never dominated opponents believe the product can rest guys factor fancy you know I think that. The fast enough so why say that would come at the way LeBron dominates. I'm not saying they're both they're both dominant I think when you talk about the truly elite players. In our tank top eight top ten all time. I think they'll dominate and I think they dominated in different ways I mean Michael Jordan just he was relentless at both ends of the floor any beat you any never missed an opportunity to show you I'm better than you and we're better than you were going to be Q. Magic Johnson dominated he was just had an incredible knack for. Finding his very talented teammates in the best possible soft spot at the best possible time LeBron dominates in a way that Michael Jordan. Couldn't because he's so much bigger that's not to say he's more dominant than Jordan. But this year is the county was six and I mean he's so fast and physically dominant he's a better passer too they're both dominant all the great players are dominant. But Michael Jordan there's never been a player who dominated the way LeBron did which we're seeing now at his age and the sheer musicality of it. Combined with the incredible. Moon court vision no players dominate the way LeBron does now. That was well thought I don't I'm writing I'm. If they had maybe if semantics again but I believe that I believe the great players they'll dominate differently and LeBron I don't think anyone's ever dominated the way. LeBron camp. For the record I'm going with him for the reasons that people may think I am I think that he thought well I think that he answer that well I'm. Choosing that based on the OK now I think dressed in a. Q what's this is like the NBA with the transparency that two minute report yet is terraces it's rigged so they had to do that or once and it came as rates are now just say. Oh it's not anything he said about Cleveland it's not rigged. And over explain. It's not really RAY eighty yeah the Celtics have the same father rockets have not and us are tired red as Pakistan's. Although fantasy to. A case like this. To me the rockets. Teams' turn now much else the Celtics they're still building I don't see it is a law. Mean they're one of the final four teams OK there and you know their flaw is they don't LeBron and they're not the cavaliers and they don't have staff and Iran are not the warriors they're pretty good team. They're very good team and they also the number one pick in the draft they're building their adding talent so. I don't see them as star starved as the rockets are I don't I would not say that's one of their flaws and they're just gonna get better and better and better they have Horford and they have Isiah they announced r.s. Frank yes the Celtics have the same father rockets have not enough start our risk as factor. And it's a fact. The rockets were on done by the fact that that absent Harden our partner had an off night they had almost no other ways to attack. They had a system or to the regular season and on the playoffs because you played better teams and when you talk about flaws. We're talking about what keeps you from championship what keeps the Celtics from the championship in this case is of course LeBron in the camps. But more significantly that a guy like Isaiah Thomas is a very good player is the best player on the team. That team is a classic example of at the whole being greater than the sum of its parts because when he looks around for help. And it's Al Horford. Or. Crowder. That's not mean we talk about them adding stars in the offseason because that's how they're going to get over. The top a star is not someone you love a story of someone who's better than the other guys on your team and they need more of them. I agree with grants on the island I understand the point. At a fast. For. Arraignment. It's in the both cried yes the Braves overreacted to Joey bats bat flip the right guys factor that's. Fantasy day. They reacted actually. Almost appropriately Simpson here's this this scene this is yesterday's game and darting generally weird to be game. But she says team is crossings down eight to three summer on the eighth inning. Exaggerated. Watched it for a second then let it go bat flip. And rounding first basic Edwards said Tim and coming home catching up in his face and absolutely rightfully so to Simon plays for Catholics are becoming more prominent based. All but this is one of those dude he seems damn fine. There's no way you flip and a bat like you just owned the world you hit a solo homer and it seems now downforce. And by the way the Braves but showed their displeasure today. In that joint ITC is first at bat YE. Now Julio Tehran plunked him right now at lower thigh good he runs a first face both sides are warned carry on with enthusiasm. Interest why eaten the Braves overreacted to Delhi that's flip risk as factor fantasy I agree president. He makes great points other thing is enjoy sometimes a player hit a home run and just out of exuberance and X I'm not put the bat. Doing bats took a few steps towards first and then I I mean it was just a giant F you the other thing I'll add to what mark says and I agree with him as I say. The catcher they came out after circled the bases as Kurt Suzuki. Kurt Suzuki is like a gentleman for Majorly catch he's like a really cool guy. For him to go hey what's this about test and they clearly but she's to cross the line that's no wonder that's why got punched out by route you know door last year and he's kind of an idiot when it comes of that stuff he paid the price today. The Braves they're Arab reaction was wholly appropriate. Right. Her cookies a good guy he's a very good guy and he was a little bit of a peacemaker a couple of times last I guess he was that if he says something he screwed up. Or not. Last question. YE yeah the Fresno grizzlies lately that those who grizzlies the Fresno. And I the president leaves simple reason the hot chicken stuffed into a slew slice pickle our homeland and her eyes expecting Vienna's. Moon I like exotic foods. And here's the problem. As they say it's they're they're doing this it's it's a nice idea because they're playing Nashville and Nashville hot chicken is I guess the thing and I apologize it's a thing kind of Colin nearly ignore this but okay so they're celebrating that's what's hot spicy chicken. In a pickle it's the shackle the name is great. Bomb other than that you know what you know the sense of taste in the sense of smell they're very closer related and so I imagine this thing. On the textures would be interesting. I think this thing's not can smell good I pick yet this hot spicy chicken in a pickle. I guess I can party smell it and it doesn't smell good. The last thing I'm gonna do is eat something that doesn't smell good nice idea but no this is not a home run this is I'll foul. Pop out with the bases loaded. Blew up. A day trip they'd yes. The president is pleased sickle hot sickens something just like a little device is hot and as good as Specter reminds. Zach and I bet there ugly wives. It's only kept from being a Grand Slam. From one flaw. I think it texture question is are really good when Whitey because. I think that this works big time. First of all I think keep thinking of the pickle as a hot thing and I doubt it is. It's the hot spicy chicken this late into that I'm not holding a little Nicholas caught in a cold dill pickle I think that that. Tasting that salt offsets none got shot lead this guy. But this kind of food ya give it a shot mostly the only thing that keeps it from being Grand Slam and it's obviously a home run. Grand Slam fried pickle on big time I think they missed a trick nevertheless it's a homer. While I would like to see you eat one I gladly when Britain don't know why any further. Fight for those that hey. How about that. She had an earlier judges when you're judges vegetarian I I don't lately that should goalie has saved I don't think I'd be very good we already tonight as the sun went the other way and until you cut it especially if it is fried pickle I'm in I would of ordered Delray you know but no seriously I think the president to try it I saw last night as a can be kind of interest thing. But this morning us on sports center and Dave Lloyd who used to be here and real good guy he had some and he said he does. It doesn't smell real good now that there's no African women eat something like that that doesn't smell good who you are in April he bought it in Fresno. I game. He doesn't know he got some cheap lousy imitation prepared for him he got a Bristol Connecticut got chicken in any citizens who would I heard that. In order that yeah he. Any time you can have big grasshoppers. But I'll take the chicken product and difficult for I think I'd rather well gonna grasshoppers and typical. They Agricole. I don't know. Thank you oh my god Bentley has. This spring I said last transaction and I'd thank you to Simi that it did Jordan question I think is really interesting I mean it's and now you slice it. As I do I I knew I do feel that the greatest NBA players they dominated in different ways and LeBron dominates in a way that I don't think Michael I don't think. Any other greats ever really except maybe for wilt who was so for his time so incredibly physical. Physically dominant you know I think he's the only one that ever done it the way LeBron does. Well as comparisons are so tough that if when you get into it like physical like LeBron does 'cause of his size his train the way he dominates. Time it's impressive bit. Even though they're not close to the same player Shaq dominating guys physically all the time all time. Yeah but his was more brute force than the athletics is in the Jesse from LeBron and or will yet the LeBron muscles up on guys assisted it is a really great basketball player who when the time calls for it. That is beat you up if he needs to yet but he can do other things if he needs to to get any better I mean certain apps much of one note you know and by not worked yet. Jordan was really different though yet Jordan dominated a different way and he also dominating guys mentally which is very hard to do at that level. When your ears your plane with the best guys the world and you make those guys not want a guardian naturally never when he got a fight with one of his teammates practice. Which was Steve Kerr no real and I think Steve Kerr got a black guy or they got a fight in practice. It. As you would go his own teammates as hard as he would do it any sticker was not gonna back down from M jag now. He is not a big isn't it though so that's what happens black guy. I think your cap to go to the finals did Jamie I think it's an odd feeling a lot of players come hunts you know he Elena hunch I.