Fact or Fantasy 5/19/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, May 19th

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Came to Eastern Conference finals cavaliers. Felt like we take yet to ESPN's. Pregame coverage about 430 here on ESPN thirteenth when he fighting police and mark Chrysler is down and so count. Watch and some you Selig baseball's that Dave these Mason comes in and it dominates concussion or not yes I knew it was a big game for me so I had to play. Right there I think it's I think thirteen weeks of vacation a year apparently don't know that that's a good deal for me this week to deal for him but you know you know as well as anyone I'll party work. Yeah. Yeah. Are right now it deuce and I gotta go ahead ahead on face foxes topics. This is right guys factor fantasy and it is brought to buy Aston and price. It's for the best advice don't think twice golf Ashton and price though he's in the private chair over there's a company over there. Though it's just let's get the crowd looks old man stanch. You know. I didn't know that but okay it is jackets here I don't know why it's still here. And it's freezing and it's currently have we could take your jacket I mean not video you've she's from Cleveland great story because Jake. That is sure I am proudly it is kind of cold in here not that anyone cares with a little move. It's interesting the hotter it is outside the colder it is in our studio and as always our sophisticated broadcast equipment. And the Smart man cry there is leaves his jacket here in case there are days like this where it isn't special again howry sane it's cold when your from Cleveland this is nothing at 673 degrees and here's tonight's knots it's much colder than it's a death. Just go from being an opinion on a cold it's cold school. But this is called why you're gonna start with you today's NC won yesterday. That I am OK lucky tracked. On his I'm just you know just try to give my best effort and results kind of take care of themselves. We can. We'll say you Heidi yeah the ideal draft for the kings with CN grabbed Darren box and Lori marked NN reds as doctor Nancy Nancy. Mean ideally they'd get Alonso is vastly superior to Darren fox but dared talk to Bob would be great Lauren Markkanen. I don't like the fact that he doesn't have bend it well on the interior he's not a great rebounder and not a good defense scored only consume little bit but he would not be a good pick so the Darren fox great to get five market and would be a far cry from an ideal drop I hope they don't get him that's what I think. Okay. Use the ideal draft for the kings would see them grabbed Darrent box and Lori American and rise as active and say a little fantasy there. I love gear box a reason you really good point guard you an idea to market had a quote the question mark there it is gonna be. A poor means Ryan Anderson adding sometimes ago all he's he's from a different country played a big program he's got to be like jerk. Well it that that doesn't mean there is going to be like Dirk you know once again play a little bit. But. If he's there at ten I'm not gonna be upset if they draft him if he's the most talented guy on the board at that time and take a man and see where he can get out of them but I don't think there would be ideal. IRA. You both get the fat. We kind of sidestep that neither one of us that we do want to see you take them. The ones anyway who's gonna drop I think someone's gonna drop. I'd rather see him take Justin patent from Creighton and takes you don't know who just in Patton is he's been a big guy. A won't want to go crazy go a little frank need Akeelah. I did he don't like the article I love it that's my guy but I just don't think he's there at two point guards there they could palpable. Why not yeah I got that too much like David on a major active rubio loss then and it's funny way and the vet well there aren't on. We're moving on won't I won't okay your next question. Tennis. Today Iran is right clay belongs on one of the all NBA teams Rezko is back to Tennessee at the fantasies. Of course straight mongering has to defend his guy he called it be as no it's obvious we take it off. They get a take of James Harden Westbrook know again you are gonna take a step Currie no Isiah Thomas MVP candidate no. John law know the Roseanne. May be like the biggest question mark. But he is unbelievable this year for Toronto mr. Mitt brains. Was the best player on their team bumped him you can't have all your guys on the all NBA team. Deal with that dream on no clay did not deserve to be on the dollar B team her lady. Dream on right clay belongs on one of the all NBA teen's risk as factor fantasy. Now I gotta agree with sun trying to make the case in Rosen they gathered I would say if I had to eliminate somebody from one of the three all NBA teams to be DeRozan but he averaged. What 27 game and without him they don't. Make it as far as animated clay benefited from the fact that. You you can't cover him because he got to cover everybody else it was numbers were inflated a little bit by the caliber of teammates he has so no I can't I can't go. With with Klay Thompson on the I agree with deuce. Our raid then you both. Straight guys sagging you're dealing I don't think you realize your ownership you're dealing with two basketball. So fond. Geniuses. I mean you're young crowd received right now used to that but you've got I mean if there's really good stuff to get today yeah he's you those Westbrook. It. OK next question none. Now are talking about up all white and you yeah signing Ryan Fitzpatrick is agreed to move for the playoff bound Tampa Bay Bucs are his guys after fantasy. Yeah. He's an image on our Ryan Fitzpatrick legal upside down and is. His touchdown passive interception ratio lesser twelve to seventeen. But he's thrown for a lot of yards. He's been a starter and league M and a very good starters record as a starter sport and as a back up. That's a team that does have serious playoff aspirations. They get G Amos and what team is goes down we saw the raiders last year you got to be prepared for your starter going down. With Ryan Fitzpatrick now the Tampa Bay Bucs are prepared for the bet that eventuality. IRA was that. Did this signing rank that's Patrick is agreed to move the playoff bound Tampa Bay Bucs whereas guys backed up Nancy did you say. Playoff Bal. I'm candidacy agreement. He's saying playoffs. Are what nine it's not a literary register or re. Late. And everybody. I mean no yet we are talking about. Like for early alcohol or some things are convinced that they're gonna be a playoff team but as far as the move for Fitzpatrick. I'd I do like him and I think he's a decent veteran guy and if if you have to use that you can do a lot worse and I hate to agree with why do you hear on this but. He's exactly right look at the raiders' situation. They completely different team when their car went down it looked like they had no option at quarterback at least right Fitzpatrick has started some games he's had some success as a star. Who loathe. If it's. Or that's not and not actually has assigned buffalo they did that many was terrible well media that the right on this one yeah. Fool. Why now. That's OK and I heard a judge says so if we move on a drills. I figured out once. Oh with a moderate shot was doing. And BCA and analysis of the NFC east in about costs because it you know and like if you just tell us who's gonna win the NFC singers Redskins what he said that. I don't know I just out of their house where he said that on national review well I know I I think it Washington. They do you have a while. I got a good feeling about it last question for all the points deuce. With a TARP removed from the upper deck the fund has returned to the eighth game at the coliseum Rezko is active fantasy. Fantasy. We are blasting their division they're terrible team you know what it does think further 5000 people who decide to go to a needs game. It allows them to you have a little more fun. For those who are actually going but does not draw new people and I'm sorry if you tell me hey come Sony's game of Tony the of food trucks now. Excited about it but your season ticket holder who has dealt with the crappy stadium for a long time to cool situation that's fine and I guess for them. But a latest in the on his back you've got a losing team is still the bad ballpark but gives more food options all of its corpse are off. Ray who want to sit up there anyway to sit up there. The charge is not like there's a demand it let's get all the it's hard to remove them because one the people are gonna come flooding and. Don't goes up there. The fantasy kick of it again and sorry. I AD I cried what do you think a couple of my guys got not meg down of gains. He's not easily room so I you must act now with the myth from the upper deck the fund has returned to eight games at the coliseum dressed as active and. See I can play safe and agree deuce and I'd be ahead on points. But I I. As upon his return and you'll eat and set your self. I wrote it down you talked about okay they have some more food options and people consider their quote. That allows them down a little more fun I guess you're right that the people who just 6000 that was good it's really the people the people who go there have a little more fun up there exactly. That dead a little more fun it's. And you've gotten notes arch and you can they be able to watch batting practice now is that there no well. If you got a few days you can watch what goes it's been improving. The team is currently a lot of good young tail like writing you in Germany those and they're all hurt now. They took it upon is slowly returning put itself back to you is that it's lol yeah I would not use that horse all. I don't that's I gotta say it's building it's not where it will be but it is it has returned. And what are the best things about coliseum is that's where you gotta go through this in Cleveland Indians. Vick is I would wanna get a clean on the CMO. The best part about Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland they'll let me say. Yeah I'm very key being the Ashton and prize what how why is the point why plan. The mistake by the lake with a caller right now. So not might not people that love isn't. That the lake there is seriously error when I was a kid on the link was on fought and yes that is your late was on fire yes that is a fact how does that happen and there was like oil and trash and garbage and everything on the surface of the league caught on fire okay. You know tap oil trenches like the streets the journal I don't much better now that we have the cans and everything's. That was brought to buy Aston and price for the best advice don't think twice thought Ashton and price you battled hard deuce I'm sure you've been Sony's game now because more and run a million this year it. Just like Cleveland right and I have a ball in my office. It was great did you figure and AT&T this year I am watching Indians I am actually you can see them both yes and who would want to that. So thank you Ashton and price think you do spank you just Jamie agent coming up next the box.