Fact or Fantasy 6/15/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, June 15th

What's Jerry West's plan for the Clippers?


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We know here at fox dad's life here. Death. Yeah we can do Sacramento Fox's promises laid back relaxed and at one arrived services on the big city the bridge is right there and hey. Scalp came in played well once boogie left and someone says. They were all scared of boogie every last week the players used to punk everybody here in Fox's that has meant I'd be treated me in bogey we'd be going that it. F that. So he okay yeah sit here and Fox's does download Sacramento. Katz he game than just jump on the bridge and be in the big city sounds good to me. Yeah like fifteen minute ride moved well of Nazi why wager that way because it sounds like he looked at it on a map galaxy S I by San Cisco. California's actually is law urge. I'm sorry to break it to you will be jumping on that bridge any time soon maybe he means the car penis bridge fire guard a guy that's our average. Yeah that's right obvious average right now sufferer mr. who knows everything and I'd go ahead ahead on many don't think desolate army Samoa. I'm not gonna make the assumption that the guy this is knows geography that's right by the Dixie jump on the bridge is there back within a few struck back to the price. For the best advice don't they twice called Ashton and price and now here's she is. She among other things is the manager of the intercom softball team that was defeated by KC RA last night. 22 to the judge yankees. Fraud. I heard I sources I also heard that there's a player. This is I have your back on this yet Jamie I know a big support of the intercom. Softball programs right. As a guy on the case Jerry team I hear who crank two out of the park moon. Mean one that went over not only over the fence but over the line of trees behind the fence true. Yeah really there's some are questioning whether it actually is employed by Casey RA no kidding and I'm just we are all friends and what kind of league this is. Well it's already a weirdly if it allows the same person hit two home runs in the game you can hit too we can't hit a third. That's as bad as Greg's death so that was that surprised me as well and I heard that one and done it I remember winning echo a game once on a walk off other guy hit a home run. Iraq is like you're out we win correct yeah I've I've I've seen guys in innings they were getting out of hand by just homer because that's and now we. We hit an ethnicity I'm seriously. Yeah so that surprises me a little bit and I mentioned again which case you're Mason would not convinced not convinced that's is wrong we'll communique sent I'd say just. Declare victory and move forward on OK yeah. We'll forget I am an energy we are prepared to file a former protest unless someone from case CRA produces evidence. Of this man's employment there. Okay this is a large human I don't know is yes OK yes yes large human clearly with a lot of experience in the softball lot of experience in the softball in the softball of the softball on check in with Lisa Gonzales and find out if fans cheer unsure so it's an attitude it's also quite possible that I will have forgotten all this by in the Sunday but if not we are prepared to go forward what is when he needs here. We played him again so we'll see you out there supporting us right now that we play I'm not gonna happen honesty avenues. Just to be clear that is not going to have we need your support it's yeah we if we were out there might have been twenty to three maybe here in. Yeah. Yeah I think again this thing. And night I think with a guy and a mandate. And share and they got a thing them alias yeah living on a riser I I you feel I feel a part me but I feel like. You lost when it's your feel like a little rash by Chrysler these days it was twenty to three for the record it was 23 so your information was incorrect. We did have three rounds so it was creates three early like the elderly and and you know it was only formulas and solid rally at the end tickets on rally and yet her. Are all Korean land and take a good feeling out into the night that's what it's all about us tomorrow. Well now it's it's cute it's competitive. 01 hurts I was hoping so you. The way you moving high and then cries are starting with you today since you did wind yesterday OK so out. We don't know what Jerry West we'll do with the clippers that we know make them better rise guys after missing. And its effect. Not everything these factor fantasies are pure fat so it's a little bit of opinion. Jerry West is made every organization better than he's been a part of and I think it's interesting to me about him at age 79. Is that he sounds and I'm. Evaluates as sharply as he ever had sounds sharply value as sharply as he has. I think that he sustaining influence on an organization has been really chaotic. And they're trying to make strides Siena into good first step for them not the same as having a great player. But if he help you identify great player and that's what I think he's Kennedy. Mean wide beaten and we don't know Jerry West we'll do the clippers but we do not make them better rise as active and we don't know that. Terry Wes fan and thrilled to meet him speak to the number of times but here's the thing one we don't know what he's going to do there we just don't know that. And what I mean as what his duties will be to we don't know how long he'll be there and three if Chris Paul leaves they're now on the logo can do to make them better. I think it's a Smart hire but as he got to make them better is not necessarily affect the jury's definitely. Still out on that. Ron it's a backed price point better. What's he gonna do yet Jamie to make a matter and nine year old advisor yeah it's great great advice. I'm all right fair enough yes and advisors therefore that's why they're paying them. Lady. But baseball all of aimed decision to uphold Pete rose's band is the right caller as guys act fantasy. Mommy sees you over at me and it's. On. I just think. I think there'd be a lot of healing that would happen if and when he's finally admitted to the hall of fame. He's baseball's all time hit king I just think overall it's better for everybody if we say look he went through this when you look at some guys who were in there and what they've done. I think. Baseball is better and it's better for fans of Pete Rose is in the offing. Interesting cranks yes. The baseball team's decision to uphold peers is Danny is their right column risk as factor. I believe it is it's kind. Bride's and your dad was or height for a first of all but secondly. It's not so much to the hall of famous band as it is the hall of fame is honoring the fact that Major League Baseball still has banned heroes from the game. So procedurally they can't even vote on him because he's banned from baseball he's being from based on because of all the things you can do wrong. In the game. The cardinal sin is to dead on your own team you are to bet on the game in this case on his own team in this case when he was managing. Car and it's a bit on the other team when or if it's well. If they knew if they knew from the games that he didn't dead on his own team how I felt about the other it is not a cardinal sinkers he never play for the cardinals now but I'm bump. So unfortunately I forget how he peaked really wants this to go a different way and he's. Thank him credit he's never gonna south Tryon does suck and they're doing the right thing. Both really points. But I'm gonna Democrats and. You know. Good point three solid argument pretty solid I agree generous smarmy. And I'm not. No he just defines. You and pitino you're defiant note Jerry West is the one who's defiant you pitino AJ western define it. By noon. Really meant track admitting to Augusta. These points for the acting funny I don't you decide your of that over the judge of that still be the deciding here so everybody just calm down I guess is that thing and a isn't spreading heads. Cry it's moving on yeah bad day for the English language they'll say that the day for everything. And about dot com the rights the 49ers Libya's surprise team with six wins this year as guys factor and a. I don't believe so time. Oh nfl.com. Is pretty excited about some of the 49ers potential they like clearly the guy who wrote the article likes Kyle Shanahan as they head coach a lot. My problem is that their talent isn't really caught it hasn't caught up with much of that optimism yet. Particularly on offense they won two games last year and given them five. They will improve I think they can help it improve but I'm not ready to go to six and I'm certainly don't think there's surprise team. Interesting lie lady and Annabel dot com is right at the 49ers would be a surprise team with six this year as aspect of fans I think. Below uprising thing ever and you got to Staley guy whom Chrysler claims it's been. Heard singing the questions for Chrysler being sung and more than once you got him saying that he's having fun again that's a great signing got a great coach but it's tough. That SI think the division's going to be tough I still think they're at the bottom of the division so I would say. No not six wins not yet but on the right track he can hear the games NE SP at thirteenth when he saw wanna make sure everyone else that I think the 49ers are on the right track. I appreciate the plug in I think that you are that go quietly. Found floods have mastered pandering for point you're so good attitudes and thank you Bob final question humor at all marvel zone comes naturally. A hole most. I didn't realize that I be pandering for points with you I know you really cared if I promoted them. 49ers are not. I like her stations and yes good. Or lady NBA praise of the best championship parades of them all rise as doctor. Vienna is no questions. No question that's true long story short comment has to do the fact when he operates now I know that they have the New Year's Day parade the Orange Bowl parade. What is at the rubble for department and that's just on California and yet the Macy's parade in a Christmas but. Ray reserved for summertime. That's when your fourth of July that's why the NBA greats have to be better it's just that they're better than. You know NFL parade since February and it's. Yeah a they're all fun and everything but. You know you got that you see today in Oakland. At lake Merritt. And it was warm and everyone's out they're having a good time that's why the NBA parades are best the weather is better never was just out names don't mind spending time outdoors and have a good time. I did not see because I was watching that open instead but anyway Fred's last question yes. NB praise are the best championship parades of them all right guys back the fancy that's a fantasy. And I championship parades after all and that really narrows the field. The best championship trades I've ever seen including the one I just song. Are in hockey of all things. And I'll tell you what happened just sealed today when the penguins won the Stanley Cup. So they have the prayed I mean these are hockey towns after also the parade route is lined. The beat the crap it's it's thick thick with fans. They have that Stanley Cup. And they are walking among the people and kids aren't you know touching and people are tested him for good locker tests it justice Andy touched it. They're posing with bits of the players are out of the cars actually walking up the parade route sharing lord Stanley's cup with the people of their city. And I know that have been goes on a big massive tour. That's a coolest thing I've ever seen in a championship prayed I totally love that I surprised how much I loved it. Yeah interesting points made by both business that's just the idea for free and then eight. I'm no no. All ferret out yeah again this. We muzzle just make this questions for Chrysler to. Prices are rather questions regret there to what you may appear and now you've you've you have the the week wrapped up on Thursday last week so. It doesn't always go this audio. And dietary wise fell losing Ellis championship. Course you're not satellite cheered last time Jerry West this and I win tomorrow but it's not getting here Rees raise the pain. It may in my little vigorous obtained I do you think I had a better answers but I'm not the judge. Annul it turns out. Yet GA me is that it's kind here yes some what do you think it driven greens teacher and I don't know how much here of editor's dream on to explain what. Well it's moot Q. You know those what we'll go through this club. A moderate course. Which children could keep you from clear as one what you thought of the. Alone hobby has to explain and such deeds now like every as a singer was complete idiots I am didn't Hillary is usually you know. I did see the picture did love it's don't love him so there's that's when. Kind did you realize that LeBron was taunting them a year ago. I feel it is a little bit different. Modine I do idea at the moment so you armor acting in the moment. So you know that and I look this there's a conversion table for this. Losing the NBA finals in five games is actually the equivalent. A losing a softball game twenty to three. Actually I I did surprise me seriously you know that even if you rally at the end. Yes wow yeah that is actually well we've put the curious and thank you get Jamie congratulations to Brian I have more in common and I perhaps the regulations. Mark Prior learn thank you to action in price for the best advice. Don't they twice called ash and price I may need some advice from them on hike and bluff my way back in a win here again and be fired just don't know I don't see it ever happening.