Fact or Fantasy 6/16/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, June 16th

Was Miami Heat a super team?


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Among other things find out everything you'd ever wanted to know about Cameron champ. He's story this US open so far. I can Morton junior from Hagan is gonna join us. And that you know cries when you watch these golf tournament on TV you know the holes are always they show up so nicely that why you. What they do is they take a cottage cheese container. And they put an upside down over the hole for a term it's going to be on TV in panic at all on the bottom of the bunch spray paint with white spray paint. Guess that's why when you see at the whole shows up so it's so. Obvious on TV such a nice visual because they painted it just they spray pain at wide on the and Celia they that's yellow it shows up there. She had never miss another area courses that I play. That's a great point to switch to do is and I don't know if they kind of she's container you say yes they may frown on this you take a cottage cheese container out their way via hunting camps. Now I sincerely care can hear more into him while we don't know week in this is the only thing you said that rob objected to such. Like I'd really like forty stings you shouldn't do that but that is how going to an article I read once that's how they they make it. Show up so well on TV screen that's awesome. I'm sorry that vandalizing his where I draw the line no you're right you're right I'm not advocating app but it's not you know they do it for TV it's not actually. Minimalism are we can ask you when you hear about it. He tried to its total work. So it's okay and I'm I'm rob acknowledged he's container just like he said. He said it would be fun. If that's all right cried I know that the united go head to head on today's hottest topics this. Please season hot topic. I was gonna hit the outside in your forties and unbelievable. It's as you talk about that and never fail this is rise guys factor pianist he's brought to buy Aston and price. Where the best advice don't think twice. Call Ashton and price and I don't funny thing is she's a big Jordan's beat fan great story here's his guys gave. Yeah I am. Just on the TV looking great looks like he's gonna make that cut how about the very excited and worried about Israel put on your root for the local guy instead adorns beat right now not. Instead and you can do well as well blitz still on the current. Wow that's. Pretty good local story here judge Jeanine it's it's great an island to hear about it but still pull for Jordan he's admonishing you I think he should lose points and I will say I'll be the judds. Of that on ironic that I'm talking about losing streak here I'm just I had a panic for points anything going yet. I really easily go the other way did super salty. I wish you luck today Lanny thank you but we're gonna start cried since heated yesterday okay yeah and now he's here so. Current rides yes stop the madness bikinis and be full to trade up in this act as as actor. Innocently that's a fact. None other cast in this draft is this draft is really so well stocked. That having two picks in the top ten and we've talked about the slot that having two in the top ten this year. Is such a great place to be. I think the mistake that they could make it'll end and teams make it every year. Is getting fixated on one person saying that's the players can have success. And and then make a mistake of trying to move up in give up picks. To get that player clearly the kings are not one player away no matter of how valuable. Even if it's a point guard and point guards really help is not going to spend their franchise getting two quality players. Definitely the way to go. Hope. And Y eighty stop the madness that is a beef is straight up in this draft press as Pakistan as there. I had. Agree with mark that if you're gonna trait to draft picks to move up from one draft pick that would be foolish but you don't necessarily have to do that straight up. There are other ways so the kings would not be fools that they were to trade out keep the tenth pick. And then take on a bad contract or her swing a deal where they have to sacrifice a veteran. You don't have to give up necessarily both those picks to move up so they would not be fools necessarily to trade up in this draft to get a player they love. Like deer in fox. In the gonna get him anyway so nice try and democratic thing. I I surgery that you are very clear so that you think that while we're gonna move on any. Like for this gentleman who looked at eleven this is what I need yes LeBron is right you did not start super teams are as as active fancy. I now it's. Whatever super teams are it depends on your definition so we may disagree on that but it comes down to the fact that he went to Miami. And there's nothing wrong way that I don't know why he doesn't want a cop to this. Will we know live and I he shouldn't feel this way when he went there and join forces with LeBron. And he in. When natives are gonna go to Miami that's the first super team there and wanna double team it is that's where this super team things started with him there's no shame in that buddies were. On to say oh and always the lakers and Alfred that he wasn't a super team did anyway and abroad your team started its cool but let's be honest. Interesting car isn't yet LeBron tonight he did not start super scenes dressed as factor and is. No he's wrong it's a fancy. I can tell by your response that you want a different answer. But this sorry he's just trying to he he's really trying to talk his way around history. LeBron was the person. Who first for the first time in known history in the NBA. Conspired if you wanna use the word that way with other mega stars to all go to the same place at the same time. Didn't really get teams put together. But never buy that contrivance he's the the author of the first super team. I'll give you both for Paul ain't. It's beautiful. Yeah it's like item might as well that's the truth yeah. Knees aren't LeBron and he just doesn't like Kelly conversations being framed. I don't claim to be on a super team to be good exactly you're trying to diminish my legacy. By suggesting that I went to join a winner. Not diminishing your legacy to you definitely went to join a way I thought he can reporter on there and and your sense about that night I I think we should just move on campus course. Next question it is Friday didn't forget Johnny quite the most treatable as a giant is Matt Moore. Residents back to benzene. Lesser is a fancy. I don't know about Johnny plateau. And how treatable he actually is. Because there are a lot of questions including. His ability after the season opt out of his contract so a team that trades form of nine shooting keep Matt Moore. I think it giants like men more that he does not. Pitched well enough this year to make me think anybody would be happy to pick up he's got a lot of contract and a lot of money left. And he got racked again last night. He is not a dependable starter right now he's not a guy that they thought they were trained for and that makes him hard to move. Interest think OK why even. Forget Johnny crept out the most critical and sent tank is now more rest as back I think. Yes that's enters my esteemed colleague didn't bother to tell you who is the most tradable giant you said not him I I like to go lower and actually answer the question complete. Completely sure I answered the question that was I think it is meant more for this reason. Yeah he has under achieved as a giant but he's a left handed pitchers had success he's relatively young he's only 28. So teams will be and should also because he still has. I think he's under club control for a couple more years which means if you trade him to somebody. You not to Wear about a leaving his freeagent so. Because of that the task could get something back form quit though it's can be tough to get a lot back form because he could leave Nunez is going to be free agent so he is the most tradable. Of the giants. Great complete answer lady part of its supporting the. I should give you fits like that but your welcome and Newton so nice. Final question revolve a marvel asking a question so are you if you have an opinion will move on not trying to. Continue to do who do you think is currently no question yeah Korea's most treatable by far. Because he will still be a stretch run for a team and he's in no cost of it doesn't work out because you can opt out mean but I think you know to be our presents itself forum. Yeah and a somewhere there I mean I be right but. Right they're not it's. We timeout whether got to be moved and a credit could be moved. I don't think there's it and seen what he's done in the stretch front. For two different teams and let you know that he can be moved them. Interesting we're gonna move on anyone flat out question. And now these plans player this week in August between fluorescent cleats and nick names on jerseys as day. And rise as actor fantasy let me. Put it this way you can might. I'm looking forward to it it's a lot better than than. I hate. And you're the one yesterday as upset about it and I citing an era. Yeah Hamlet and then. I'm sorry. Whose turn is in the area affiliates or nine years you may finish I am looking forward to it because I think it's gonna be inching to see what nicknames players put on the back of their jerseys. Maybe some of them will be underwhelming but I'd like to see what nicknames clear issues. Or themselves one reason is because we don't have a lot of great nicknames and maybe this'll help us find more I think this is a lot better than this stupid everybody wears. Gray and blue this weekend because it's Father's Day deal that they're doing. A lower raising money for this and that just give the money said. Them anyway I really I think it's going to be fun and it's going to be different and I'm looking forward to seeing what the players come up with for what weekend we can deal with that. Turns staying mr. isn't all gas. MLB is planned players weekend not does featuring thoracic cleats and nick names on jerseys they home and as as actor. And is that such a fancy that's such a bad idea. And I would never I appreciate the quality of white easy answer. But I would never even getting into whether it's better or worse than some of the other bad promotions baseball runs out there. This is not about weather's better or worse than pain day or blue Jay or cam on day they're all pretty bad but there's nothing worse insane to a player. Hate you decide this week in would you want nowhere a dig logo for it did you have a nickname you don't have one nickel. That'll be cool white Isuzu looking forward to hearing what these things like. Because this was happening right now. So you get about have a bunch of guys trying to think it's harassment and name. Pumped huge out and come they don't have to on this huge sigh. And it's known nick names in baseball and we're yeah him. Direct hits land to us that they didn't name and uniform has a name yet this is as it is now this is an. Crash and burn out in that truly seriously for late yet thing that bothers me about this it was negotiated in the with the players in the last contract negotiations like. Paying. We kind of wanna give you that percentage of the money that we will give your own uniform day that is not gonna work for me sorry yeah so. All the exit and I'm not on that chain why did you apply and now when present day. Enjoy your trap baseball. Everything I can't answer now to get an Arnold embargo the fluorescent it's eight needs come back and visit Windiz at Langley isn't in August oh yeah I think it's the 24 through the 26 political would be let's. And let's and so I really. Meet our tanked there cattle meat and you can tell me amateur enjoying it wean us ally they can Wear anything as we discussed yesterday if you have to Wear your uniform and there are some rules. And obviously can't have anything untoward on the back. What you would what's his nick kids Lance. I'm loving it slim. Think it says yeah that's great and it's not you know I mean relation I don't have a nickname. I think he's all its baseball needs especially that time a year kind of a dog days in football starting and it's just gonna get a pale they kept you pay a little more attention. What's going on baseball baseball needs especially that time a year. By being a clown show. I don't well I don't think it necessarily will be a clown show to get to you know glimpse inside the players what they're really like I mean I think it's refreshing. Did everything they're doing Jamie is there there every player gets have a path Tony uniform somewhere. That he used the pastor why you read associates like honor or recognize some person who helped influence him in the game you know that's pretty cool. That's a double. Well listen. We had. That. Role that's cool I think you don't have a patch on new uniform that says. My uncle Joseph. Threw me the ball when I was a kid. That's a lot to put on hats I mean I guess you could if that's what you want on your cats are kept that you can kids slam. Well figured kids slam on the back and then my uncle Joseph Miller all our generation of baseball fans you know. Had you given given up only game you've concluded that the game itself. Just can't keep you. Am I bid you farewell and when he's like removal and now move on to your other sport among your side thank you Robert now. The Yankees are getting hit batter and the accused could do it the Yankee Stadium would spontaneously combined. But the Yankees almost at once and people said no you can't do it and I think it was all around baseball it was when the first Spiderman with Tobey Maguire was coming out. And they're gonna have all the bases in all the parks in the majors. Have a Spider-Man design on it and people got so upset they settled OK can we won't do that but they came very close and it didn't. Yeah and baseball actually played games in. Tokyo regular season games I think it was a Mets in the cubs. And you know I love this place but people than like the fact that Major League players had 7-Eleven patches on their jerseys whose. Yet during the late ninety's I think are. Early 2000 that actually happened and now wal price come down pretty could mean the NBA is about to do it so. I mean eventually there's a crisis saying things like it looked at of the time it was pretty weird yes thank you guys Jamie yeah any tag yes and I think here exit patches are adorable. Yes well. Let's definitely do that let's do the adorable patched things that's kids slam I'm fighting now obviously that the game.