The history of super teams, by LeBron James 6/16/17

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Friday, June 16th

LeBron says he didn't start super teams.


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Now mark if the Celtics and the sixers may swing at a deal swap in the first and third picks. And the Celtics we get a future number one from Philly for swap and that would be that kings picked that they sent to Philly what it well not really could connect because there RD pick and third because of the kings that's true too. Somewhere Sammy Inky insane I I got this guy's got this all covered I set this up for years ago. You'll find here I got to feature first rounder that you don't have to own if you don't want to. So. Again will Jews its series of tweets. Indicate. The sixers are in serious talks with the Celtics to move up to one. Syria and that is serious enough that mark helpful to may go visit the semi sixers tomorrow. The terms would include filling giving Boston the third pick this year and a future first rounder it instead and it's when he team for Shatner. So yeah now the future first rounder to be the one that the kings coughed up could be could be. Absolutely committed. So really we're not supposed to talk about that right her point that out that that was the of the kings picked people like that around here going to point that out oh come line. You mean watered and a great job third pick in the draft yes yes. Well really happened. And it's still happening it's still happening right in front of you. It's happening in real time on a team that wound up third instead of fear because the kings allowed it to happen in a trade. Are the same team that can now offer a future first because the kings gave a man. Yeah it that's all water under the green so when you said in the last segment but this doesn't involve the kings not so fast my friend you the idea idea. But really it really debt it's really just it happened. You know I mean. If anything they should. They should cause people in the kings organization. In around it. To become ever more determined not to do this not to be in this position again. It it should sting a little bit. Mean I need to be reminded he made some bad deals that's why you beefed up the front office right right writes why it was so we have to worry about things like that happening anymore. This draft a lot of intrigue I mean pretty interesting NBA draft to this point we are along ways to go course. How interested are you in the dream on dream LeBron James back and forth I got to admit I'm pretty trusted. I'm I'm I probably shouldn't be better some about it that intrigues me I feel like the end of this week should be the end of it. So I'm good with if it carried out today which did. Fine with me. He the only thing I just have a sinking feeling it's hard to have the last word or during months. So I'm expecting a trim and bronze to write less I mean so yeah chance that it's gonna go on well past its expiration date. Would be my guest. A look at the stuff that's happened this week is funny. I like it and actually it's pretty some pretty good conversation to. Some stuff that LeBron got into is a little more serious. Because he takes so seriously Mraz I think some prank on us like. You know basically pinching his nose. You know I mean it was really just sort of legitimizes haven't fared well like you know Ali told us last year California yeah yeah and then on on Gaza to be a serious conversation. One LA now that wasn't a super team and Belichick and that's when Jamont like now wait a minute you trinity meadows and her team. You know bit the super team grow so LeBron had a response to that he was on. Richard Jefferson's podcast today and I'm not sure who else that you might hear here you might hear Channing Frye but here is LeBron talking about the he says no. He's a dream I was wrong I I didn't invent the super tail was in on the fur. Super team in 2003 to lakers. Combined Karl Malone Gary Payton Shaq and Colby meant in 96. When jurors retired due to rockets. Joined Charles Barkley Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler all of the same thing where I don't look at it as I definitely didn't start the super team is that what he's trying to say about just what life is great there on the day that you're celebrating their championship Meyer Mayo likeness in my name is in your area. That's actually well played because that's the that's it that's kids out is that the only thing you can really say is wow. On your parade day you have to think about me OK. Well why they think about him that's who they just beat. Well why would they think about it media is being goes back to what he did a year ago it wasn't just that they beatle bonnet was that. LeBron troll them a year ago I think it's funny that agreements as you you start you invented the super team and he goes I I didn't invent the super cute that's pretty straight and say. It's pretty clear what he was trying to say he said unit to secrecy so I don't know I just think it's I think it's funny it's an interesting point. From LeBron then you get into okay what is a super team how you define a super cheap. I was watch and I know we've talked about a lot of thirty for thirty's you know this week it both those teams were super teams you look at all the hall of famers on the lakers especially the lakers and the Celtics those are super teams but they weren't built through free agency so. That's what is ride a super team is when. Players decide to form one when the players make the calls that were called a super team yes. The because it implies. Intent at all like well you in other words. CI think what I think about LeBron. Is it I think that he wants the slate to be wiped clean. Because he came back to Cleveland. And won a championship. As if so he doesn't want anyone to talk about the fact that he left Cleveland. To be part of a super team specifically to try to win championships. Is it wasn't about his quality of life in Cleveland how much use being paid or them being competitive. It was about winning a red mountain. It is very clear Lange left but he doesn't ever wanna be reminded of that he left Cleveland for Miami to win. Here's why I would say is wrong about both the and three lakers and the 96 rockets. Lakers combined Malone Payton Shaq and Kobe super team new beta in win. It. That's what a super team as you get together and you actually winds of 96. The rockets. Barkley allies won Drexler did the 96 rockets with Barkley allies won Drexler win. Who they didn't win therefore I'm sorry I do not recognize them as a super team I think LeBron is getting into what. I don't know I think he's talking more about what they tried like we'll unlock the British or try and not the first person ever tried to get together with other stars to win. I just happen to do better than some the other efforts but there have been efforts down through the Aziz right about that. It eight in the difference is that in the bronze case he was a free agent doing the deciding. Teams always try to amass the best players they can us on news well the next couple years ago when I think LeBron was still Miami. They they had Amare Stoudemire and that Carmelo Anthony and it oh yes here we go. Whatever works out no matter what they intend or what they thought at a not a super team these teams abroad are not super teams. Member of this year was it says Derrick Rose summit that Nixon by our considers a super team. Well I don't care what you consider yourself you're not right we as I 93 huge Tuesday yeah. But the in Miami Christine could they won multiple championships. Would sheer. There it's also super team under the way I would define it which is a team built. On or put together. Sort of willfully or intensely as opposed like teams try to build all the time. A Meyerson. Larry Riley before and bill most of that. Success but then they added Kevin Durant that's a super team. That's a scene that was already really good then added a superstar Miami was a team with a star. That it already won a championship in Dwyane way. But LeBron chose to go there any shows and Chris Bosh show just the other because the three of them talked together about what they can do but Richard Jefferson on the same podcasts that. People forget when you went to Miami. They had just lost in the first round and at a Chris Bosh I just remember when people talk about super teams in this and that and putting people together. Who would have been like if you join the Boston Celtics after you lost to them to put in comparison the worst of the best team the last three years they've broken beer records for the last three years and they added probably the second best tell the NBA guy. Newton sub texts all abroad come on what went Kevin Durant it. You would never do that he's making is done and still hang up is exactly. I understand the dynamics of it but I just don't get why it's. In the issue yeah well. LeBron should thank Richard Jefferson for almost reading word for roared LeBron zone defense is earlier this week she said almost the exact same thing them. You know lies and you know. I didn't join my I'm one I tried to build something in Miami Kevin Durant went to the team that they just beat them. That's where he draws the line. LeBron as a competitor that's where he draws the line. Adding go you know. Chase the team that had just beaten me. Mean so it's almost as though Josh is commiserate I think this is different from others how does this come into play for LeBron if after this coming season he decides to go somewhere. There's options and limited because of the ground rules he's laying out now. How he deals that have become hypocrite. No I don't know it's like the lakers are younger Q on the rise and they'll say Al there weren't very good but watch what what they do in mind doing them and that's mania has every right to do that he'd be and I look forward to it every other free agent history who was lucky enough to be desired. Has always tried to cherry pick a situation. It's just oldest free agency some freezes don't get a lot of offers but again when. It's stitches and most of those guys are looking to join a winning team I think we agree on this it's to the point now where Fremont response to that or LeBron goes comes back and anything. It should be done now. No one's looking good anymore at all if this continues this is ours ago yeah yeah but I mean for me but I'm quite sure that it's not actually know how well here you know bits and pieces here and there and when they play an extra of course but as far as this dialogue okay thanks dramas got to be looking around for podcasting me a part of today. If he's gonna aren't happy out podcasts I think well then that's it you'll you'll then we're not done here.