Jerry Reynolds Interview 5/19/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, May 19th

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Well you know what my brain is already swollen with basketball knowledge from hanging out was that with deuce and I mean this is dangerous. I I. I'm about to subject myself to dangerous amounts of basketball intelligence. Anytime you have here Reynolds brought out deck kings' TV analyst former coach in GM the one and only Jerry Reynolds how are today to hear. Great upgrade. I think your brains Safeco. Says thank you on you know life on the basketball mind. Yeah should be due to fitness there that hey we were just talking about. You know and no not name names here you can do that dirty play in the NBA dirty players who what did you think theory of the Pachulia step under edges. Like you care reduce and I both feel like well. Maybe he didn't mean to hurt him but then when a player does that that's it at the very least and they're responsible play but I mean you've you've been around the game a lot longer and we have. Well I I mean. Is it irresponsible play out I would agree with that it's it's you know had he looked. You know at quiet Wally was you know slight. Come under but it seemed like you look at at the ball so you know what like is looking at his feet or anything. But. You know that that's that's a play that's honestly been there and honestly LaMarcus Aldridge looks like he did a couple times well. So you don't know with big man whether a little bit of this just a little bit a late in this desert slide out to get one little extra hop I think there's. Possibility that is well but it's obviously very dangerous place true Ford jump shooters. You think collegiate and so argues which Italy take some action against that should that become a flagrant foul in the future dear to try to protect shooters. Or I would Reggie Miller as those they have today and and and you know obviously it was a great jump shooter but he just take just one of those things it. You can't it's hard to tell it caption on and obviously some jump shooters slides forward as well. Too much. You know there there is that to where you know Guile to close out of any kind. If to jump shooters moving forward that he should have the right go up and come down scandal that it. But I say there's there's just so many parts of I don't know it just seems like that put more on the officials. And we need. You know he's just like to leave it. That duke players and the players association. Which would be or more aware that a you guys are all in the union you know you don't need to be hurt. Your own your own because of Dexter you might be played. Still without serious for a second LaMarcus Aldridge has had a really strange post season here is one game where as well look at him again it looks like he he's backed a little bit. And then we saw what happened in game two against Golden State. What's different about him with San Antonio why do you think it has an exit he hasn't exactly thrived in that situation. Well that's great question obviously they don't. You know Grotrian quite as much as they did it Portland and you know I think that there. You know looked at that time you know certainly little is this covenant to resolve the McCallum was the key archery was the worst in the second option if not the first so we. Was a key part of the offense and in certain Santonio that. There's never been occasionally. You know spaces he's not nearly as good as quietly and and now. And I think obviously. He's very easy to guard you know I mean he's you know he's he's a good player. But he is 611 guy who's really basically looked into Q turnaround jump shots. And you know you know really doesn't have a great post up game turnaround jump shots you know you really does power movement. He does come across the lane it's with a big hooks or. I just. I think there's times fifteen wanna expressed fifteen gonna get double team help on him it really takes him out of his game. They Gerri at the risky getting ahead of ourselves here. Assuming the wars in cast when I know we got a ways to go yet but. How it eager Dulles had a a knee issue how important is his health for the warriors if they end up meeting the cancer given now. How much success he's had guarding LeBron in the past. You know I I have a tough time. Believe that it that the warriors would be. The cab of that big I think he's a T I'm not saying they couldn't because are so darn good. We're saying LeBron James Aldridge 25 years old again. Just. Absolutely and go article I don't think anyone. On the current roster came with a except in the group though would make up points per month green could. In in period geno and maybe jury with is linked couldn't periods but. It would dollar. You know is the best their best short to keep straight month out of foul trouble overeat it. The help defender. Jerry you've been watching basketball as things since that the days of the cage yours right sued that's when you first got involved when we really played basketball so. Ask you about LeBron James they can't quite taken shots of the guys nice not to come on the like that. That's when he started. In their early twenties something like that. Here or men do. I'm just asking bird from experience it's good to see LeBron James he's in year number fourteen. How incredible as someone you watch some of the greats to see what he's doing in year fourteen with all this mileage and he's been able to accomplish all these things I wouldn't even answers questions at this point you heard the. Well not have to go you know I'd I'd note do so yet. And you and you know he's probably gonna Curtis Sumpter suffering the after life if you. And yeah. I don't. So so there is that. And I but in a more serious guy acting group LeBron. You know I'll remember Washington the high school games can McDonnell's work out some different things that book Denny's. That the greatest classical player other person in the eighteen year old. Certainly. In his first game has an eighteen year old that has Cooley with 25 on Doug Christie was the best. To guard defender urgently you know which is pretty good clue your house go ago. And now it's went that way and and he is slowing down I really believe he's a great basketball players ever lived just the right there. Yeah you know Jerry Reynolds withers it's awfully awfully hard to argue spin ahead here to the draft and look in its. How many top prospects are point guards. On Jerry because of all that's involved in playing point guard is it perhaps. One of the harder positions to project how good guys going to be. What it is and it uses one you really have to have the most patients where. And and today's. In talent they have some different the point guard really it was going to be a score. You've got to score that position you've got its ups and be able to create for others. Really it's a perimeter game now and so do all your perimeter players. As you point guard. You know he's calling that that he's he's got to be able play off the ball with the ball. And penetrate and score the ball for themselves and others so yes. You know you just got I've got to have war on which you're gonna compete in any kind of a high level. You know that's. You know why access so it's disappointing when you watch and Isiah Thomas you know the kings have won and didn't realize. Yeah. You know that's so when you have one you'd better have the patience to. To development and and let them be as good as the Kennedy. But you realized it into Jerry. I didn't always be used to I knew it way better than anybody we had heard gonna have to throw all the time I knew that that. It is funny looking back some of the guys who regularly you know what Greivis Vasquez I'll tell you I mean. All the well as source or Mason here's some criticism. You know he's got to pass first point guard. You know you campaign six million years. It would be happy coming off the bench mostly come off the bench to Luke. You know what to watch what youth who are you watching. So yes so that. But that's that's that's over and done weapon and really options McCain's. You know they they need to fill that position you know. At some point I mean there's no doubt do. You know for this team did to really become quality playoff team and contender. Many globally they've got to get better deposition. So who do you like better. Blondes a ball or deer fox. That's great question I tides I certainly haven't studied them like like the basketball operations people I mean just wash my MTV like in his hand. I. Probably like Alonso ball a little better it just. He just reminds me a little bit that situation kid's game you know he shoots it better to same page. Just. Such a creative passer. And and I think he makes you would make. Players around him better now. You know fox you've got to love these speed and quickness. He really changes then floor probably a little better individual defender. So so there's that I mean shooting. Concerns you a little there because. You know PP develops and good consistent outside shot he'd be a major star believe that and he doesn't he'll be could be Brandon Jennings so you'd you know. Yours have to look at the other side of it with with any player. You know as fans really say they assume the draft or all of them turn out to be. Second government some hall of Famer and and now that would work out that way. Jerry it's amazing I mean for all the shots deuce takes that to a new twice you said he had a great question and believe me it has gone to his head twice I mean so you're trying to you're gonna ask him for their care. Yeah I am you know I'm just glad for. That but as you know you won't work into it and so addition sort of. That's right well thanks Jerry we appreciate have a great weekend. We will not enjoy the gains will catch up with you see him. Well it's going to be a lot and we came up to him off and either call a little bit here and take care. Here and that's what could quite a great question yet the second one and I ground it was because right well there you to catch years to build this second one is questionable because I think it was more he was trying to come up with an answer a given those of the -- ahead -- patient is Brandon got size and time here are great question yeah well as people say great question I mean I haven't had yet to sell. Agents say thank you very much in airlines owns a little better how surprised. I little. And he is questioning that sell because he knows who the kings can end up with the.