Ken Morton Jr. Interview 6/16/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, June 16th

Cameron Champ's performance in the U.S. Open is impressive


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Saw this coming looking at the leaderboard now of the US open at Erin hills Wisconsin. Tied for eight at five under is an amateur 22 years old just turned 22 yesterday's news probably you know. Cameron champ from Sacramento. And he's he's great for eight halfway through the US open big hitter. The champs. They absolutely. Huge hitter. In no fear with more on Cameron champ nice enough to join us from Morton golf vice president of retail marketing. Past president association of the gulf merchandisers. And he was a he's an outstanding golfer was an outstanding junior golfer in his own right. Ken Morton junior can how are you today sir. I think revenue got to thank you how excited are I've I'm sure you saw this coming right Cameron yeah top ten most. Play you you have the steps where you yeah you're excited for Cameron that he made the US open and then you cross your fingers that he's gonna you know have a great shelling and make the cut and then. Like he has always done his entire life he just learned that at a gate and get 33 under par at its first five or six holes and and all the sudden your life. Wow that it actually happened. Yeah I can do when things that I solved in sort of look and Cameron's background is how many people who either taught him or played with him said. Oh yeah he was going to be he was gonna play at this level. Yeah. That I mean there's never been a downing Cameron has been he was in our little acre program at six or seven years old and you know as parents Japanese says Graham bash grandfather used to look for some we've we've we've seen that sent by a very young age. You know he played in the Sacramento city men's championship that twelve and thirteen. When you know when he was in high school mean. V how far he hit the golf ball is just mind boggling and it's been like that since he was a teenager. Ken Morton junior where this talk about Cameron champ I was gonna ask you about that it's amazing just their reading the stories today. The professionals like Ernie Els marvel at how far he hits it I mean you've seen his game develop where do you think that a credible power comes from can. You know I need to I mean it's been all golf for him you know but from an early age but I mean output that the couple perspectives here so. I thought today and a brief interview afterwards they said that his first round. He averaged 341. Yards off the key he averaged 340 Lamotte that was the artists from the field by almost ten yard. And then you know he played and they a fundraiser for the first he would couple years back either former first he can't hear in Sacramento. Found and he would do any up ahead of underage or overt Green Bay and I'm my brother Tom in our conference might planet and end. There was one of those holes where Cameron would hit a drive and and you hit your drive and Cameron hit it farther than you you could use his drive well the promise that very good player in his own right who hit hit it good if he can hit it. Mike the decent player you know edit edit that the PGA level he hit it. Cameron out drove by the by almost ninety yards and yeah comparing it down the first two fairway I mean it's just it's just a different game. Yes no question I'm. Q and with all of that said in you know how majors are in you know in particular how the US open is. They probably are Italy too kindly on forget Cameron on the whole field being able to post these sorts of low scores what do you think happens over the weekend. It's harder you know I mean that the greens get faster that you know they can adjust and positions. You know the grass doesn't stop growing at just get thicker and more lush. On the side. You know did did you initiate ten pilot up or down. Barely apple will during the course of the event you know if they scores are too high they can water make it proper. And then vice Versa I think. You know no one's running away with it you know I think after last year's. The be. Grumbling that went on amongst all the PH where players I think if they have a winner of the news then that six nine under par range I don't think that you receive an alarm. When I'm Ken Morton junior where this we're learning more and more about Cameron champ. We came up through the first tee program and of course scanned his story just beginning. That said what do you think this does for other youngsters in the first tee program just to see what some of the came through the program is accomplishing already. The you know what it gives everybody hope. You know that we have the first key touch with a lot of kids. A lot when it. You know just. Orientation of the game and learning core values of the game and you know. 99.9 percent of them are ever gonna play you know around a professional golf but. We're very unique here in Sacramento that we have. Indy Dixon is the executive director of running a really. Wonderful. To work that two very very competitive. I'm Cameron played a lot out on that grown up. And we have a huge stable of excellent accent playing. Boy in girls that have come up through the program and are in the program right now. I'm right here in segment on the quality of play. It's phenomenal man named Aqua I played junior golf that I went out and shot in the seventies I'd be I'd place in the top ten in most the senior events that we are playing and and now it's. You know if you're not at par or under par you're not in the top fifteen or 25. I'm in the level of play is just light years better than it was and that you know this gives them an aspiration mobile out there that it can really be done. King you mentioned earlier sort of following along. With Cameron I'm at at the different levels including the call for an sectional qualifier. And I think she talked about that today but that was a pretty remarkable. Couple days for him wasn't at the sectional. It was the night in and you know we've I've not had the privilege of talking to any differently since then but. The US open you know is a unique event and it's an open invitational I mean anyone you know. Price you and you Whitey if you got a wanna go try to call fight where you can and that's the beauty about the event thanks to clowns. And it could happen. All chromium their two just a few but not make it personal or anything like that. But a you know it's. It's a rollercoaster outside of the four days. You know it it's its regional qualifiers and sectional qualifiers and it was no different than I think most of the US open stories when you when you. It into them with the exception of those immovable of a special invites the USG get him out. Nikkei and one of the things that's most impressive here reading about Cameron learning about him from afar. So successful but apparently so humble as he always been such and such a humble young man. He has you know he is that you know and you've got off to college you come back and then a couple fundraisers with his. With his dad and his grip on here that has raised money to go back into the first tee program. You know so many people locally here. Financially and from time invested in Cameron. I'm an impairment got a really good sense. What that meant in his growth that they as a man. And I'm had taken the time reinvest back into that if if you know it's the only like we've had the you know privilege of knowing. You he'd yet to really get a hand on his shoulders and and aid. Feel it really important to you know to pass it along to pay it forward like Michael's done for them. Launch in the other thing that goes along that I guess and humble yes. Intimidated now. One thing his body language just over the last two days suggests is he doesn't feel as though he's lucky to be there he looks like he feels like he should be there. Yeah he you know he yeah everybody doesn't recognize me he was the number one ranked junior golfer California when he was sixteen or seventeen. I'm number seven nationally. He was appreciate all American before he ever started college I mean he is he has always been singularly focused on being the very best player in the world. I'm in a back injury last couple years captain from how to reach this potential here. I'm in college but yet have very very good junior year this last year and that I'm I think were seen as health and everything being pointed. He pointed in the right traction and that's this really could be is coming out party hopefully you know. You know you never know I mean weirder packet like John Daly in the PGA championship and then Monday qualifying and Roy you just never know on golf that's what's so cool about the support. Ken thanks so much for your time I got to ask you UN the Sierra Nevada junior QB chip at the age of sixteen. You run a lot of things. Little link your team activities twelve. Ninth and stayed in 1987. You still have any of those trophies of all that stuff. No no. I I a let the the plane portion of my career kind of Carol by the wayside. That being said however my brother. Give a great plug him. He has kept funded. Often play and actually he qualified to go play in India PGA tour event in August. Eight he won the northern California PGA match play championships so the first week August will be keen happened to read at Reno Tahoe open which is now that none of the barracuda championship. That's right now plus I guess you did yeah it actually can Margie the of one of the amazing. Members of the incredible Morton that we can't thanks you're time we appreciate it happy Father's Day have a great weekend. Right he can't. Is staffed man he's too modest. Hate him he was a player yes the man up and he still can play Cotchery him yes. But I don't think he can hit it out and help anyone can hit it. Like Cameron champ can stated I'm witnessing now. That's perfectly fine. I'm not patients you don't be a Baker's right. You know adjuvant bike a bunch of street forty knowing about it yes speaking about local sports pride here sack.