Is Kevin Love that good? 5/18/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, May 18th

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Going through. We'll we'll. From your review for wrongful. If 'cause they're great kids two an absolute legend take coming up here how good is Kevin Love and in Isaiah Thomas and Marco fault that they co exist before we get through that. On remind you that Mike and Mike are giving you a chance to win a trip to the NBA finals with seven of your friends so. Be sure to be listening this week 845 and 945 tomorrow like last chance stance that yeah. Pour this particular. Iteration of the prize excellent pride and awkward little hey this is what's going on with Mike and Mike yesterday. Also awkward. Yeah I mean I guess there's not a good way to announce it so they basically didn't. Even though everybody in the industry and around the country cared knew about it for months and months and months and right finally. It's you know it it this is the time of year win networks are. Showing. Critics what they've got coming up for the new season ESP NT gotten. Also menace and so they were finally sort of forced to acknowledge it on their show yes some Mike reimburse gonna morning TV Sony SP and and treat wing goes gonna take over the Mike and Mike show yeah was this kind of curious that. Michael X is Osama stories Helen I anyway I'm down for it to turn Ringo was terrific he's great I am actually think that show. As a great chance that's a that's certainly has really really good yeah but it just makes for a very awkward moment did you Google it if you haven't seen it has its. This and get awkward viewing. We've been talking about what are what the Celtics to do with the first pick in an used to pay area got Isiah Thomas and Marco fault in the can network yeah Isiah Thomas believes he can work and apparently he has reached out. To mark helpful to like Isiah as a University of Washington. Player that path so Isaiah says he's excited and he asked about the culture and we're excited so Isaiah streets and out humanize it seems that things can be a terrific fit until things interesting because I have seen. Any appeal advocates for yet they draft are skillful Cindy's telling him off Isiah. I've seen other people say draft more skillful speaker is pretty soon he'll take over from Isaak yeah I think so those things are good ideas he's probably shoot right is that indeed the important thing is. Don't waste a number one pick in the draft take gathered everybody Lowe's put on your roster and let a Smart coats like Brad Stevens figured out. Probably he'll be able to figured out yeah by the way I say I make no mistake he's not scared cavaliers probably. These. Not scaring you about tomorrow's stars tonight hospice care at that time they may listen there's uses like garrison they just haven't played better than us in game one. And he's got to protect home court and into the wind. I don't even know if they lace up their issues the way the Celtics do. But based on what I saw last night Boston doesn't have a lot of adjustments can make did you know that self lacing issues that they're not here there on the way. Why saw the prototype from back to the future. Yes and it can be do we make it a joke about a movie that's great no I'm saying pop culture on try to talk about sports over here in it it was it was. It was sports scene in the deduct a major. And then Nike. Presented right actual yeah workable she'd do what they also. Apparently they're working on something. Where you know the players don't neither she used Peyton win their. To receive a free throw and actually working on issues that. Where the laces kind of release when they don't need to be tightened and tightened up again. It's really it's pretty futuristic and far out okay well on should be Barbara and haven't saw just keep checking with their website until I don't know that that. But I do you know they Kevin Love is pretty good yesterday I played. Raise that question how good is he because when he was with Minnesota always questioned whether his really as good as his numbers suggested it. Now that he's with the cavaliers. I have a feeling like he's better than his numbers suggest and this is the reason why it's difficult sometimes. You know is it kind of a complementary player on this team take last night big game for Kevin Love 32 points. But he let his teammates do the hard work as he shot eight of eleven off passes from his teammates including all six of his three pointers. Throughout display also met me on him five shots it's one process just one win the American tactic game whether shows up in the stat sheet and I think that has allowed me. Become too worked on for norm that no my mindset is really there. Still being aggressive and and and making plays. As a measure whether those shown up for my. And you young basketball players who listened to the show primarily to pick up my coaching tips from me. I just I can't stress this enough run the floor feared especially a big player run the floor so many free points available for if you just run the floor take last night Kevin Love. Scored eleven of the cavaliers fifteen transition points he ran the floor. Now a for the entire post season he had thirteen total points in transition. Last night in the 411 of the cavaliers fifteen transition point yeah he also at all Ryan go rim to ram. Yeah Elsa eleven rebounds on the defensive end so he was in a couple of cases he was initiating those breaks that even finished. Good outlet passer in you know what you get rewarded a lot of times you do and all that work then teammate especially if he has the opportunity. To may be looking for. So he got his reward several times during that came on LeBron James said that. He had a conversation Kevin Love yesterday morning before the games like I assume he means is she's around any wouldn't divulge what was said been sending you after talking to him. That Kevin Love was gonna have a big game such are looking for whom he did I don't know what it was and maybe it's a length always easy to say after guy goes off I knew it. But LeBron said they had a conversation it was something about the way Kevin Love spoke the signal to LeBron Kevin Lowe's or to have big night. Well you know that is one of the big differences between LeBron and Michael answered did people talk now who's better how do you compare their games. That's a fact that LeBron is has always been and always will be. Just have a better passer than Jordan is not so much Jordan won a good passer he witnessed in passing but that's always been some in the broadest and so well. Incredible court vision which is while things tries I might cry if I can even teach you just can't teach. Boy if he can while melody youngsters but as I don't I know I know our youngsters here and having answer here. I do know that. Jordan's teams didn't need him to do a lot of it. It was the way they were oriented yeah although some of his most famous plays in our packs and pass in the ball via code and mean recognize the importance of hitting the open man as a differing gaming as she'd say that partly. This study and it went a half flight it's really not so much about it Jordan shortcoming as it is about and what an incredible strength will bronze core business. Well thanks inching about all that is that there was a time when LeBron was thought of as weight too eager to pass. As though it were a weakness as though we its need for some people. When they suggested was he doesn't want to take the shot. In a key moment. And I think his careers. Well all the questions answer about his career but one of the things that's been answered is that he really does look for. The perfect pass in a possession. Like he's if if if if he's got an unimpeded path we'll take it sometimes applaud the tape along tree. But often is not he's trying to create something that then leads to that passed the one passed that that. Sets up the shop. And I think early in his career proud that was mistaken really isn't as some sort of character flaw on a LeBron last night was unstoppable inside he tied a postseason career high of 26 point in the pain at area. Thirteen to sixteen in the painted area. Shot only one of eight outside the paint LeBron. I don't think we've played that great tonight we differed in Sugar Bowl in Oslo to be capable of shooting no Kyle had a three or four. Very very good looks that he missed you know we had a good stretch but nothing good energy and effort to myself was where it needs to be starting on the road pushing each coach. Can't we just start the finals now can we just skip ahead to the NBA files I'm afraid someone's gonna hurt or something and edit the cavs a warrior yeah. I mean you every time these two you know. Every round some key person has been hurt and you know in this case it might be that. You've already seen it with the island and in the spurs. Spurs Leonard doesn't practice questionable prides mean plan. In the real question I think for Popovich is does he have a reasonable expectation that coli can be back on the floor in this in at some point in the series. Because. In a rule I think for them. It's really just about time it's just they're gonna be out of the playoffs. They don't they don't have the weapons. To keep themselves in it long enough for co Weiler to come back it's not really a case of tough luck recognizing your your bureau actually at this point under threat of get run out building boom before coli can even really see do. The swelling recede from the wars right now you know feeling pretty good about things in the team's plan well. And Mike Brown still okay job and staff. Staff course. Played really well right now coach Kerr has been around but I if I'm really concerned about any thing he did it got to where did you reach a person other failure. I'm really concerned about he could dollars injury right because he's so important when it comes to plan against the cavaliers and haven't somebody can. At least halfway keep up with LeBron yeah so him to Chile are still. I think Mike Brown column game time decisions. So they'll be listed as questionable on. But again with a god op play any good dollar fuse even have the least bit sore you rest. Julie lots of time MRI amplitude is he'll came back without revealing any significant damage so it's immunity bruised heel which hurts like cac. But isn't anything structural. I'm. It's just tough to take both guys out even if it your intent is good even if the idea is that you don't wanna play a dollar off you don't have to. Taking two guys out of the chili came it does LC rotations pretty dramatically. So they have to they just have to figure out what they're going to do if they can't play with the normal rotation JaVale McGee trying to kill. Until he files out right in order pages you viewed chip out doesn't it says Michael McEnroe next up bodily crowds what's coming up here in that two minutes into messing up the hall of fame coach he says maybe camper Nixon football decision after all when.