Longest drives at the U.S. Open 6/16/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, June 16th

Cameron Champ has been doing well at the U.S. Open


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Got some real locals sizzle for the US open this year and thank goodness golf is not always the most visually exciting sport on the television. I remember years ago I happened have golf on TV. And my wife or make it to somebody had a radio station on in the house and as well as the easy listening. Stations yet so watching golf while listening to when those stations I was this close to a medical coma. That's unfortunate I grab some you know some Mountain View or some and I ran at a house there was okay yeah. But it's so it can't be slow and I know it's the opener and I am a golf family you know sometime plated a stately pace yes today were watching and now Marc says Ryan I hear those birds you think those are real. That's a great question him that's that's the big question that pops up is a lot of wintertime and so are. Yeah editor that's a fair question because CBS had an issue with that years ago him there at the masters. CBS was accused of piping in CBS wasn't only queues that experts who discovered you found out. CBS who's convicted sex of them piping in nature sounds do you know how they were that was already heavily wounded you know they benefit you know they were convicted then you had somebody I think somebody hired. Bird experts are ornithologist and their listening to watch some TV and listening diverts them and I think this was 2000 when they actually nailed on this for what that's worth. And ornithologist are gone that's. By now to the actual types over the species but ornithologist said that's species there that's lesbian Augusta that actually does not live in Augusta. Those are nowhere sounds a nun made Georgia those are nowhere east of the Rockies at this time here and I like yeah you gotta laugh on man. Well I I I cast it for two reasons one. We had just we've been talking about the fact that it's a links style course at Erin hills. And certainly if you watched any coverage you can see that won't among other things that in kids in absence of trees. Not dead birds are only ever in street right please and rightly still understand that I do I don't know little. I know that much about nature but it just. As the client would settle around a shot. On Fox's broadcast I think. They just seem to be an abundance of fertilizer and I don't think Fox's ever cop to this treatment accused and we'll get back to Cambridge she have a good. Even a better story might be of your story but from the original story bird watchers interviewed by the post said the worst part of that. Is that someone at CBS didn't research which birds were indigenous to Ohio Kentucky and Michigan a this because it wasn't just the masters apparently. One John Malcolm of Gaithersburg Maryland said he heard a canyon ran which lives only west of Texas on. On a Buick Open to ape and a white throated sparrow found only in the north during the summer on tapes from the PGA and NEC invitational. That apple what could you do writer for CBS. You goddess like real you don't need him on our about the white throated sparrow we didn't think anyone would notice so I have no idea I'm gonna go with the no. Or the US open fox I don't think they'd steep on fox I just go on the offensive. Sorry for trying to add here on beyond its will go back to fewer silence in the sound of some car off in the distance better but but they haven't even been accused of that I think you're going beyond your evidence here I'm quite sure there are about to be cookie. A senior rate. I admit it's it's an idol golf in the middle of around even at the US open it's an idol golf question. But you watch with me but it's very exciting locally now with the way Cameron champ the 22 year old amateur. As playing. 350 yard drives on Thursday he was apt asked after his round today by the way shot with seven DNN 69 today now he was asked after his round today I hit the ball so far. Yeah or puts on and yeah I had some guys too often is like totally you know it's you softly at the moment also assists indebtedness have them in Sean Foley I believe is is is his coach and Canadian heavily on the right days worked worked with a number of pros and arranged for him to play with some pros. If I'm not mistaken. In Cameron champ we we. Heard this earlier but he talked about what a whirlwind it's been you got to qualify for the US open angle. Like NN it was stressful for home. A shot 63 in the morning in Newport and then going to be can and in the course is playing tough I played given Scott some bad breaks they come and on the show us a new. Kinda make Cambodian mine 36 hole. And the playoffs. So I think it is so it was kind of meant to be the gallows within the playoff tomorrow for feet behind me and I decide apart both thirty to forty she didn't. Dissident and when they announce this kind of listen on shocked at the moment. Yeah as dad apparently Jeff celebrated more than a son David Cameron said but that was kind of yell and all happy and stuff he was just proud of me the way I've fought. It is a great moment I mean it's and then to go on to US open and not completely collapsed. Would have been just a great week but instead of that he she hits ebony 69. When NE CNN at currently. With a lot of guys saw a course that he's in a six way tie for sixth place. Among amateurs I know. Among amateur season pretty darn good shape with the last time an amateur won the US open Christ. And he is 1933 year some thing as a Bobby Jones it was a somebody else I think it was somebody else well we'll get well. He's units six way tie for sixth but more importantly he's only three shots off the leak Rickie Fowler still out on the course. And a lot of things can happen but it. Cameron champ is going to go into the weekend. Almost assuredly in the top ten. At the US open so I'm not believable to degrade Moliere really does border on the unbelievable I really think that's one of the big differences in. Sports in general and I know that he's an amateur so. You know it's not fair to him to compare to professional athletes but in sports now we're seeing younger and younger. Players competing at the highest levels. College best government there was a time when when Lou Al cinder play freshman weren't allowed to play varsity basketball courts the color well. Where would they mile a minute it acclimated that yeah freshman at UCLA's freshman team was phenomenal ranked. Right but now you've got. In nineteen year old get ready for the NBA. Look at some of major league baseball players of 1933 was the last time an amateur who was it robbed. You know. But younger and younger less honest interest entries on the day competing at the highest level and I think part of it is just the mindset has. Why can't guy you know there's a Taiwan in nineteen I can't do this against these guys and now I think kids are to Smart they realize why can't I. Yeah it better than they are you sure as soon as someone gives you the opportunity. There'll be someone who breaks too and and redefine what's possible and it's something we've talked about a lot over the years on the show that's Howell records come down nets now record times come down all were. Performances come to mean. Guys doing things. In baseball defensively they never used to be done like this don't find it missive I think Angus I think Anglo flip it to second base the middle of a play and so preserve a double play or some that it never been done. In the case of on the NBA. The NBA finally said you know we think we'll just let some kids come straight from high school. And on balance it actually failed but there are a number of kids Coby Kevin Garnett and others who made it work John Goodman. It was a lesson they are no. Johnny Goodman golfer zone and a 301933. Boca. Wow okay while. Art music was out before starter Roseanne I know you your honor roll with the John Goodman material. No I'm I'm all good on good but I'm just wondering you know. I hate to put any expectation on camera champ when I think he's already had a successful week period it doesn't matter he's gonna make because the US open and probably. Almost assuredly now. In a tops in the US open. He'll wake up Saturday morning being on top to the US open the lockout is Ames on every leaderboard. Around Erin hills that's pretty cool them and I'm not mean pat on the head the morning. You're senior do you have any sir your senior test saying in a sprinkle. The worst thing that can happen to him is that he could realize. While I'm in contention right hey wait a minute I'm not boast the B yeah. Right I mean that's a very human thing hopefully that won't applicants who yes are hey am at this can't be happening it's raining for five hours are not getting a role on my drives anymore things will tighten. And if it doesn't rain the US too well take control he's still gonna hit it further and anybody else would love to think so right in and it's. Not a it's not a weekend they're not penalizing anybody for long drives that you know that move rattled because nice wife Carol you know he's been doing Cameron champ right. Russian man yeah. We've been doing off the team is literally been pressing it again so he's got the he's got the the Isaac golf rolled on him right now in a really great way.