Question for Deuce 5/19/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, May 19th

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This enterprise today present assignment things go down as CEO Brian play baseball again. This weekend from that Don Alexander. Deduce I wish they would hire you already your hands down the hottest free agent out here and a great Sports Radio host. Yeah. We were really. I appreciate that I'm glad I sent him the money to to a better leaders does now open. He had Harvey Arianna. Why Canadian retailer expected the end zone idea how you handle this this. This you know Chrysler features allow questions for Chrysler's YouTube mean you've enjoyed them for years and and I love questions for crippling. Well how he's always prepared as Aspen in the thirteenth when he's put together the senate and house band accrual yes sold a year ago at the questions reduced. Wind bug you might want to not spend your. Thumbs up right you know I love it can I yes there are questions for Chrysler it who soon move you know. Prides as not here today seduces a handling the duties here we go deuce. What should the kings do what will they kings do with the fifth and tenth picks in the draft. That's a great question. That is really tough. What they should do. Deer fox if he's there yeah I'm more than he's going to be there. I hope he's they're deer fox they need a point guard that's an obvious need for them they got to get a guy. Who's got a mean that's as important position in the NBA the thing you worry about his his shooting. But you've seen other guys improve their shots especially someone like Kyle Lowry selling 30% from three in college okay Nam who welts. Rob now he's just everything they might everything you did on the podcast they were just get me and my colleague warmed over. Mike hallway. Shot 60% of the free throw line and 83 cell Ohio State. For what it's about that fox at number five number ten. I'm not ready at. And those guys excite me and I'm ready to some more homework on that what I am worried about though moon with the kings have done the past where they really like guys like fox. But then someone like Josh Jackson drops. And they go oh we take him. If you like a guy take him don't just tea because it he used was to go three easier but it's what happened with the Thomas Robinson dropped remember do you have. They wanted Damien lowered that was their god you are going to take deviant Willard Thomas rubs than drugs which YouTube problem. Used treated that seemed season let me ask you this though and those are great point Jamaican kidding about the podcast. But I'm having a hard time believing that question Vegas is what you think of this whole notion of a lakers hey if the air pockets in there and has a great work out at the lakers gonna pick him thumb. I just I'm not I don't think I'd buy that why it. I just think the lakers are pretty locked in on lawns so why do you think that because his dad said so. And really we're now believe because his dad keeps saying lakers lakers lakers that we just assume that the lakers are entry I'm sure there are interested. It him at VA got up close look of course but it UCLA. He's a good player yeah I know when they went head to head Daryn fox yeah poured himself very well sure if you look it's it's kind of similar to what you're saying about small sample size on these videos via if you look at lawns over the course of the whole season. And so many basketball people say. Oh my goodness bonds though. On the boss something really special the court vision Jason Kidd asked no one's been saying that about Darren fox who is a good chance and a great what I just can't imagine that the lakers are gonna say. Wow this kid here at fox would work out we're gonna take him. You're right EU should at base the decision so I and one out all right that they will not. Yeah Alonso ball and I'm mixed on him I mean it again. I've seen a time except the during the during March Madness now which one of the games to me is playing here in Sacramento via analog and I don't I yellow dot. I'm very funky shot and he does. Do you watch and try to cross a one over its its Q it's like what. It's like he's got one move in my worthy advance -- going here where compilation below better than that the one and he's got amazing range with a shot yeah but some people were recently is it too low could he get that over NBA defenders. But he does make people better I mean that UCLA team without him. Yet anyone of any good and ends up TJ elite get a ton of attention and he just he's got amazing vision on the court. To mean. Alonso ball to this point has proven. That he has more upside and he's more advance right now than Darren fox really yet. Plus but I mean that said if the kings get fox at five I'll feel like Manning got a chance of picked a great point guard here but to me there's pretty clear separation there. And I'm not Lionel and out all the all of your fox while his stock is rising I don't know what the lakers gonna do and you're operating loans up. And of course were debating about guys who haven't seen everyone will games but a good point but I would also be facing what I'm guessing on what I've been hearing it from you know real basketball people coaches sure that put it. He's not very fast he's not very good defensive player and that's on the deer fox EPO play defense he he wants he works hard he's fast. So super fast yet again I'm not a daily try to take shots her or denigrate the Aaron faux yet a missing to me lawns a little further along here I mean I definitely see him and as a guy who is going to be able to right away. Run an NBA offense mom I just don't know what the ceiling is with him. They disease. And a panel I don't listen Leo he's gonna be a legend in the game. Good play and I said what after watch him at March Madness is it like the worst case for me for him would be Shaun Livingston mountain. They're they've got the link pretty good and Sean before the injury was going to be really yeah player absolutely. Not as obsessed with lawns a ball anymore via a once I'm obsessed Europe says you have crap all over Tierra fought for no reason. This guy I'm pointing to our border coach stork you know we've been talking to coach the work. Good sport says Alonso he says first off the savior fox outplayed Alonso in that. NCAA tournament games is if you look at off their actually matched up as seriously but he spent. He said what do you think it is he says Alonso is a combination of Jason Kidd. And Kevin Martin. While it is because of the weird shot ideas thanks so you know when Jason Kidd was in town. With Milwaukee when the kings took on the box and when asked him about. Lawns alias you know I watch some of him news is just after the pact well yes and yes I see the similarities because I think you'd be better than me. But again he said I on Mosul played one guy right but is pretty high praise for Jason Kidd to say that yeah so that ten picking up to what if Markkanen there. The I was a little and or any he's issued everybody's really. Soft for a big guy that worries man. I like him better than call instruments that get them for some reason he's gone way I know I am Iowa and so unimpressed with element what does what does what does he do well. This thing and he's not a very big guy at all when you get pushed around reluctant importance. Intriguing. See this is a mistake that teams make sometimes I don't know could be a mistake in this case but it is a mistake teams that made it's a mistake the kings have made where you've got a guy. Who. Has pedigree 'cause he's played at a big school and he's got a name and you pick them yeah as opposed electrical wire letter who's that San Diego State always a really good player we in now. Palace Robinson Benedict school or you want to can't as we asked drifted from Weaver state residents to be right and you see them enough yet go with it yeah. So little mark there could be some of that with mark and everyone knows them like Ali iso plays that a great years on had a great year. I think it's the same thing though sometimes with international guys work you don't see that there's some like sense of mystery and you kind of overall rate. International guys to what do you make immune those two dosage. You know like your tweet. Was funny from friend protestors Sheila yeah who says that the he's he could be great passer but he does what he can't guard each year and guarded chair yeah. He's a thirty year old that is really do much for me I mean if you sign him whatever I just don't know what why would you wanna come over here and plea for the kings yes I had some people on Twitter ask me why would he guarded chair. Turkey are doing that's importantly you want to share I keep last year fox according to white because fox can't shoots yeah. It's gone on I mean he made some big chance of had a big quarter three that you feel again. I like him unless they work out Manny is Duncan and everything I'm just saying I don't buy that the lakers gonna see foxman is a very work or pick and it was so I just don't think that's happening. Well I teachers magic Johnson and make the right decision and how owner how much. Influence he has made his mind I mean I think they've already made up their minds it's funny seeing some his old tweets from before address they key accused tweeting about it by the number one pick I would definitely draft Brandon Knight. All right that's not good but stop tweeting not anchored him report on thirteen 28 RJ's with a sunny SP I'm thirteen twenty below are today. Eight are there and so a billion or eight man. Your fitness and shaped area. Again you know I am sure you miss the inspirational story of we have let the show off with with I you know I had a concussion just recently some missed a couple of days but Joseph Torre won't get back down Monday. He had a concussion yeah. Well you from popular vote reachable paper. You know I and I landed weird on a jump. You and actually being his head at all when it actually and claims to have sustained a concussion. Are you to go lower leg or they wouldn't Bob dart yeah no laws. I didn't. I rather doubt Bob wouldn't give like all. Get a throughout the remotely yeah pretty much I think that's what exactly what similarities there between client in the law a lot of there radio show it really simple I. Huge platform it what do guitar Raleigh Dwight gave your word and it well no true. And it. What trailers brand B yeah the big bowler brands are collaboration there with him and Lavar. Oh sure there is money into the data will be handled. It's faded a Twitter board did you let your mind there on the baseball. I don't know why yeah yeah. This may portable enough Floyd and I are talking about mr. aren't even more love that title. I'm not sure I'm sure sought RJ by you know wait we got so much going on here to slipped my mind wal. Well it's different you that baseball Simon sixty giant by perhaps a spotlight bound up in the the boy's room in their six tall favorite on that stupid then. About that yeah how about that. This level recorded in depth like it's they would just cracked the. I'm more amazing your on Twitter RJ. I culprit dark. Okay because RJ guy he often will light his own tweets that oh yeah you guys that he'd it's a dud is a Twitter that he does that all the time. You got a late jump to eight got to like your opinion of satisfaction right there have been cut back it up yet feel incredibly. We're not including your likes play in the two or three. Yeah there you know it is clear how well great giant planet guarded heavily cure will be. Great yeah it can happen on schedule right now we got it will do not Kershaw worked on it. It Kershaw what blip in the fight you invest. What a big one. No that was used as folk is they can't do much against you I got a warm up and anyone else pollinated what are you were well you wouldn't. Did you forget when I was pretty good out strong and it. Thanks I know RJ sounds like a mess but when I met him in person I was. Super I'm like well he's actually not a bad looking for god semi coherent yeah I guess they keep you met him you know that's not urgent threat any airtime okay yeah. Can he sounds like a guy you had the buzz walking in midtown east and big trunk on the corner and just gonna yells random. Bad jokes in her of what he's saying well. But no you know sandy doesn't do that that's not all ahead it's not useful it's pretty normal deal thanks RJ and think you deuce.