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Thursday, May 18th

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The numbers I was looking for bright sun and how likely the captain warriors are to meet in the finals I guess is seems pretty likely that. What does ESP n.'s BP ire basketball power index tell us. Let's see here with that win last night we can't see if when the series went from 55% to 74% according to the ESP n.'s PPI and a chance to cavaliers and warriors meet the finals jump from. And 52% to 70%. Really. OK I think they're PPI is pro okay and it was buses a couple of days ago if it only gave to camp as a 55%. Coming into this to a series of beating Boston. It went for 55% to 74% yeah. Jumped up should have gone from about 82% to 99 or 98 if the BP S functioning normally well Isiah thomas' invited regardless. Happy to be here. I don't wanna win this series and password we're trying to do now we wanna let him drive well. There were three and one of the top teams in India and we just with the series we got a garden didn't show the world is. Everybody knows you I count myself and we did you Wear those. Not new. Isaiah said they're not the month stars known up of the prime would be the monster our best chance right now that they would play the monsters into overtime and you say their reports that Boston is gonna pursue Gordon Hayward. Yeah Adrian woods' reported today Cheniere is let let them have him now taken a hard look at going after Hayward in free agency and I they have an embarrassment of riches they're also going to have the first pick in the draft. So but they do you have money to spend and so wouldn't be entirely shocking that you Wright he help more now and next year that's right look it's fine you does not plan you go there you play the hood. We just need to make these series more into saying chair. It's a leaking out of silicon wave you know his name is Ian in here and say I've allowed it. I'm glad does a little unusual but. I'm flouted its I gotta be something what we need right now folks I'm I'm I'm trying to keep American engaged hear them this is for the good of all of us were allowing yeah isn't there's some sort of overriding good of the game clause that the commissioner can invoke the day I can do it are a lot of I think it's for the good of the game guys invoked it down through history share in the best interest of the game that's a baseball thing that I'm sure there's something like it and Adam silver's play book's going to be in there somewhere hmm yeah. About chronic carrier ring for just you don't just like half of a court that play whether shoe laces tied together some like that for the good again for the good of the game. All along gamers though from running for a whole quarter Sheila calling it ridiculous. Preston in the monsters there's. That's a tough tough assignment for the Celtics right now where this is is tough assignment for you. Right you know everything about you. Come through with flying colors day after day after day the Jake the opportunity here to. The best in the infinite wisdom of author columnist and sportswriter. Baseball hall fame voter mark Chrysler and speaking of the NBA cried his dream on green right did Klay Thompson gets snubbed. In today's announced all NBA selection. I absolutely can't make it takes a while before you make your decision that we have to at least hear what. Which dream on had to say about it when Reynolds there if we must. They just believe. He looked world team going 167 there's a lot of and we probably just handed things the reform. Talking of Boston suddenly as soon as they try as one of our top through you know it's not beyond law NBA team I think this troopers. Three Wallace what third team all league and to rant and staff were second team only you know and I think that's all correct which is to say he's not when he top three guys. Jamont made a case is won or touching Aniston and maybe being humble there. But I don't think so I love that one must 67 and we gave a few graduates are basically seven were into it you know you're not talk yourself out into would do in some licenses and like you don't know your record. He has a lot is very Smart guy. And he's and I appreciate that he's. He's got his teammates back we passed there's nothing to get his point that right sugars team that's fine new south world that you're in you're also trying to. Pump up the guy who hasn't had a great playoffs so far. Re saying are you can we have any idea how many times he was huge registering here you're you're in your own way I think if you're drain on Nelson kind of rallying your guy. But the reality is that unless you're just gonna get super nit picky. With may be a thirteen spots you can take DeRozan off and put clay on maybe annoying though still think there's. There's a not a great arguments not snub at the very least you just say well that was close but he didn't make one of the three all NBA teams. You always criticized him on such a good guy sticking up for his teammate I city he is sticking up for his teammate. But it was a little long time to seize kicked anyone in the Gaudin with it's it's beneath it right rob a long time better part of a year I guess who it's. So that's and that's super and I think the world a better place when he doesn't kick anybody and don't dance that's I think we can augur a yeah so we acknowledge it's gather around but as far as this. The Who if you could pick one player in the NBA that you say OK you can kick him in the go and at that their. Williams. Yeah thank you. Why I'm amused by your answer I've personally you think you know it's true. Now I'll never do know of course now and had a great actors you know I have a dream had yet now I did not think that's the Israeli ones don't like it came on disciplined and I'll death had yet you wanted Fremont connect. That's yeah yeah but I think that's how this worked all along is Sunday dram and Allen do this all do it. The problem would you want LK. About this crisis coach Uighurs. Playoffs in three years timetable for the kings. Is that a realistic timetable. That Scott king's quiz should apply realistically hope for and hold him to manager buddy now that we had on the show. Mean yes on both counts it's it's a realistic timetable when they get it done and on three years in the NBA as a realistic time to. You have draft picks you have lottery picks you have free agent money. And you have a retooled front office here also young so three years meaning 1718 and nineteen. Now on one level that's coached by himself some time McHale blame me I'm telling you right through your regal. But I'm looking at it read realistically. I don't expect him to be competitive this year because it completely rebuilding their roster next year. Maybe year three it's completely reasonable time the eight spot in the playoffs not to like about being on state. Eight you know eight spots of McClatchy might get the last one of them you don't do it three years everybody should go. It's reality wooded lot a say in two years it has now been in two years he'll resign. Yeah he also said we're never going back to lottery. That was the couple years ago we used to lotteries ago. Am but I think. At least Yeager well he hasn't gone he's out that's true he wasn't even. Why he would even in the country this year for the lie. Using kid I'm never going back to law I don't know what you all are doing. But with Yeager I think he's really just laying out. That's an honest assessment and a lot of said we all I don't wanna hear I think he said we ought be in the playoffs in three years but it's now okay that's the plan yeah that. Sounds right to meet them. But if you get tier three and you're not close. Then you've had a failure that should cost a lot of people who can there's not a quest don't want people fired right. This is pro sports on the other hand if things are coming together and even if the third year. Not everything goes perfect when you come up short but if things are coming together in making progress at school yet also under way on the road he's trying to think about it sensibly in not emotionally because it's a long time as you pointed out in the Indian intercepts along right in in and when you think about the number of things that can and always do you happen. Of course there's no he's a timeout what's a reasonable plan. I don't know who's gaining get hurt I don't know who's gonna get traded you know I don't know who's gonna suddenly decide he hates it here or loves it here in 08 date none of that can be no. And it just has been noticeable. Progress. In the meantime you're a year starting with picks five intent right sobriety that right you've already taken one step finally cracked your buddy Alex Smith. Says he sees the end coming fasting Kansas City. Says there reminds him of what happened Tuman salmon Cisco in the teams don't adds that the chiefs Barney don't breakthrough this year is Alex Smith to blame. Cry and I don't think so. Class that's a popular theory it's only one done by his playoff numbers for Kansas City you know I think it's not questions for what he but I think yeah Indy Reid's to blame I mean when they went out and just it's so much and Alex Smith that was okay good luck means birdie good. I was just looking up in his playoff numbers. And I was because I was looking to sort of see all right easy being a playoff failures his teams have failed in the playoffs. In Kansas City they've never gotten all the divisional round since he's been there when his numbers and sometimes numbers can be deceiving yacht in the post season Parse Taylor you've got a playoff game. He obviously you gotta win but your quarterback has to be either Alex Smith. Or Andy Dalton. Who's your fingers your quarterback Alex Smith. Sony want from me I've just I'm just a better choice again of energy instigated done he also was not the reason that they lost couple their playoff games. Overall his numbers are yet huge game against the colts and loss right. He had gaming as the Broncos I believe that they lost what about a playoff game against the saints. When his with a forty niners that's arms and nominal dose those games. In those games he performs at a level will be on his regular season. Numbers in and a lot Maria seasons along invent the bad things can happen but. For his sample size he's not the reason if he may be getting Andy Reid's clock management last year you might find a reason. Mean weird things have happened when he Andy Reid coached teams in the post season.