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Friday, June 16th

Who is the best father-son duo in sports?


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Sincerely hope you have a happy Father's Day although I personally don't observe Father's Day than a month and my father's not around anymore obviously when news around you know and wanted to disrespect him yeah. But other than that flight. Come on me it's nice. You know people are nice thin on. That thank you for its its. It's not a really to me it's not that they're not I think yet not a thing but I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day when it becomes so unsentimental. Because you've stood basically not this just in this county east in opposition to most. Declared I'll sort of special days it's just have made up day to sell cards and on and I think that literally as what was originally that's fine. I just personally don't get that excited about it. I mean it's nice people nice tennis. Really. Okay thank you thank you it's your Father's Day children and and and you're good they're not kids anymore but they might wind. Right now they do and I appreciate that it's just it's not that big a video ladies and a girl's thanks but really. Let's let's just go do some fun a lot of all the goats is on fund it. And it's to me it's not a thing. But you get to choose right. I mean at least pressure advantage. For the day like I'm choosing the movie or what like. I guess if they're gonna have a day when and and I green and it's maybe borderline even a thing. But if they're gonna have a day you should at least it takes sometimes a little confront its advantage over yeah but I don't I don't begrudge you don't know I would never summit that I just me it's like. Really OK great I just don't. Recognize we're going to replace that I say he because it's fudged in you can't really tell me known paused so we're going. And it was my favorite but we're going anyway I would never do that because you look after your FEMA so well but I would. Absolutely. Tell people where I'm Gilani I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day I take your dad let him know how much he means yeah. Not not every gave it to us on that one day make you do that you have to worry about the other 364. And take you miss that call on that day Major League baseball's busted out the blue hats. Yeah now. That's another bad luck they cue the campaign IA. I've I've I've made my peace with a camel. On the pinks not my favorite the blues really bad well they've just taken it to extremes there was a time when it was am say Father's Day and they may be would use blue bats and they have blue wrist bands and out everyone's uniforms are going to be. I think it's late and kind of that baby blue right everybody's uniforms. I know because I thought and mothers and we think yeah it's to air on in the MLB shop. So I know it's it's really happening. As they're all for sale. So really Father's Day is a merchandising opportunity which was always true. But now it's a baseball merchandising opportunities in straight up. So I guess these are collector's item six I don't know you're gonna wanna if teams like. Both of the Bay Area teams the giants color scheme orange and black. Let's put it in bluish gray in the case green and gold. But it's a glowing grade will be great if not it's terrible I'm looking right now as we're speaking on their MOB I shop dot com site. At the blue. Baby blue sky blue and every on call it Washington Nationals have them with a grade bill and can I just say no. And move on the giants hats despicable but you know but honestly but you've seen that right into a sorority marketing. Most teams don't care must seems a market in any color that someone will apply. I say to see MLB. Sanction it. You know teams are you doing good Diamondbacks and marketing whatever Keller it's if you would buying. A date glow orange Diamondbacks had its relative. If enough people sit back on a one and one of them or you can find knows for sure does and on our define what I'm saying it's its weird win the league says today. You're all going to sell. Color merchandise conceptually what they're doing well be that as of may happy Father's Day right now time to tap into the I don't know rightly so yeah something like when you know it has kept out clock on the open shop dot com site. One day only fourteen hours eight and minutes and forty seconds left for you by shaving things collide the countdown clocks in the blue Father's Day. Outfits like let you know mark rather we tap into his limitless expertise. And arms and really start to second guess that now because he's taken is to say I guess sorry day did not wish to traverse. Cried how about it with father sake and I get so excited about fathers. I got a huge it's it's a big deal we've talked about this in recent weeks because we we were talk about levoir and Alonso. And we kick this around but I don't think you ever came up with a decision. Who is the top father son sports do you low of. All time. I don't ever came over the decision. Because. The most I think the answer is kinda out of my. Area and honestly if you hear there are a lot of great. Father son commas in sports first of all them. And bull Bobby and Barry Bonds. Most obviously locally share. They Griffey's. The Manning's the Manning's for your. It's Cecil Fielder and his son prince were both very accomplished. But if you were cut and the Curry's out of Klay Thompson and his dad. Basic kind of just like it will what did they both do with I mean if you timeout achieving great heights in their career. Bombing hole and Brett polar both and the whole thing. I it's not that I know nothing about hockey's I don't follow hockey circles. But it's pretty hard to make a case against. Or for anybody I should say for anybody else that outstrips two guys who into the hall of fame in the same sport moon. So I I I and I'm not I don't mean to apologize for it's just. One reason I'm sure ever definitively answered is that would never ever been the first names that would come and in my mind. But when actually start looking in you'd you can Google. It you know follow sun come as a sports and there there are a ton. Remember how we started talking about this at the bar was talking about the bronze kids. That's what made the Bronx America's Lavar city's kids won't be that good because the kids of great players are never great. Right he says you look at it and I think he may have specifically been talking about basketball but that's how we started talking about that putting that. Theory to the test. Yeah greatness producing greatness is actually pretty rare greatness producing a pro. Not rare at all. Happens all the time I'd Roger Clemens won its second one of Roger Clemens case he attracted just happening today. You know a great athlete produces. Offspring who are there no clinic. It's Casey Casey with a K yeah it was Coby. Right first time in Cody ethics still plays the University of Texas some. The other. Well and Robbie trying to more about the seriously. I dear hearts would have to be pretty high on the list Dale Senior engineer right am I mean. Hall of fame caliber career right I'm assuming junior and eventually is a hall of Famer. But yeah I think honestly it I think it's the holes. It is clear there are lots and lots and lots of fathers and sons two who played not always the same sport although in this case were basically in these cases these are all the same sports. Yet the dad was a football player of the sun as a football player that's on all issues there are lots and lots of offspring who excel in other sports. Wasn't there an old Tom Morris and young Tom Morris and golf. There and you never know but I believe you I mean. I've heard all of a song or artist known as young Tom morris' father old Tom Morris. Greens keeper professional thing handers. 014. On the first date open championship this agony. You know eighteen hundreds and turn old Tom Morris and younger are more I know I've heard all sophomores nine young Tommy Aaron the kid now I can't with special lets me. You're getting overshadowed. Mean what good it will wind up happen. Like Dell curry it was a really great use of really really good NBA player and steps you know on them. Even higher plane different track our young Tom won the first exhibition match at her at the age of thirteen. Which would have been like 1865. Some like that. Does run in the day here at the mound and I hope Tom Morris and young Tom Lawrence appreciate contributions America I think they got to be other summer. But I'll throw my normally I. I don't know to a current. Legendary. Yeah. And we could become an into it because we know our sports. I'm. Stars so much more intimately than we did in generations past will try be really more aware again in the in the 1520 years going forward. As some of the guys. Who we are following very closely as their kids become professionals will be very aware. Probably two kids detriment the will be very aware of what the kids are doing with the suns are dealing. In this case specifically sons I saw someone make a case for Mohammed and Leila Ali than father daughter move us champions. And I think Leila was. And fifteen for something she was very very good it's not bottom on the same plane. Archie Manning in the college football hall of fame in her name was in a couple troubles pay courses on his way to the pro football thing yeah I mean they're they're there at the top of the list there. One of the first names at bottom of Manning's obviously. Then you have to specify all I mean. A meat not Eli because it waters on the team is sorry. But I think in my below fifteen yards I was elated it's a Lagos Imus trying to beyond Susan this show and answer your question. The strategy all right so bread roll and Bobby hall read about it old inkjet the B begat the I would say arguably the greatest father son combo in the history of US sports. They come I say that because it could be some Formula One guys and I think announcement but I am on this continent. Those two guys slap happy father says Abby follows its use their net.