Is San Francisco's season on the line with this road trip? 5/19/17

The Rise Guys
Friday, May 19th

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Hello lighting your deuce there in for cried who's on assignment Jerry Reynolds gonna Jonas that at 315 today. And we take you have to ESPN radio coverage of gay into the eastern Catholics vitals watch out JR Smith says the Celtics are going to be scrappy. I'm sure they will. Mean to be enough. Is LeBron is playing out of his minor now I know you just see the random stat. The belt LeBron. About how his numbers in the playoffs have gone out the chasm not lost in the playoffs since stream mongering called in the B word in off the floor yeah 35 a game since then while really means nothing but it's a fun yeah yeah I I think it's got to be really sobering if you're on the Celtics not that these guys can't see what's going on you know they know what's going on. How amazing LeBron is but Bret Stephens after the last game when he says. And I thought I was pretty good bit suspect in league he's gotten better at it that's got to be a law thanks coach and then LeBron after the game he the located Knight yeah you've built okay. That's scary you battle this time off and that's. He looked and remembered juice it was just march in Obama was upset at Lavar ball. He was upset at the commissioner he was upset it Tristan Thompson he is upset as is general manager. And now it's all did everything you know on his way everyone talks about rest but really I think the most important thing is just practice time you think about some of the new guys they added Kevin Lowe was injured Jeter Smith was injured. And that's a lot of people realize during NBA season. You'll get a practice a lot with the schedule and when you have all this time off he get back on the floor you can make the tweaks on the defense get the offense go on and has helped the more here's LeBron get ready for game Q. There's almost feel there's been a lot of work to date for the for the suns thicker bombarded with those moments for me on senate that was the problem of course revenge. I know from both teams understand and we wanna do understand what they wanna do it's there's been there's so this was the front nine some mental list. Whom now on the last night no basketball games in iron John your podcast today and booze and February's new gamers yeah. The a's were line of LeBron earlier easier swing and ace took down the of the Red Sox. What analog and they've got to love food trucks out of the game tonight food trucks got yeah. I know about tonight's e.'s Red Sox this food trucks they got to party go on Oakland. I joke around about that I think the new president. Is it cobalt April he's a great job trying to you. Bring in the fans a little bit in Marino clinic and make their situation that's not very good of course on the field or in that stadium. Each try to do a lot to improve it I give credit for doing that yeah they got they take the tarps off upstairs as you know on. Christ was Tellme maybe you'd use Seles is well. Burt twenty dollars you can get like a month passed to sit up there anytime you want yet twenty bucks a month in June through September and you can go to every single game now they sold out though all right item in my about one month and so I think he's got to wait till a day or month are available so it's all streets your phone you don't know exactly where you're gonna sick but I can say that's in you're not a problem getting a seat there. So Aussie it's a good way to get fans in the ballpark he icons it's. I think it's more you gotta do different things I joked about the future expert. Even that's got a cooler trying to do something different they can't compete with the AT&T park as a ballpark what will AT&T park awesome. They don't have that right now and so it's encouraging that they're making the best what what they have. Yeah and I know at least for certain Tuesdays they're gonna let fans in early to watch batting practice which on the one and that's cool on the other hand. We used to it's too little time yet unfortunate. I probably shouldn't say this but you know deuce and I used to work for the the a.'s flagship and you know we worked on a show together we put a show together in a do you remember there was a time or two we actually got chastised for talking too much about the case. Author of why you should just for the record here are two pretty good. You are on the rise it was like now Larry it's like OK it's not that mind their guy who knows what they are. No it was insure it yeah well this just this kid's pretty good don't talk about that. We had dug giants' only do not talk about the aids in some intriguing young child that they have yeah what was mark I get back to. Now anyway thank you say it's hard for them to compete. The giants got to be competitive here they haven't been on the road do six and fifteen on the road and now. All yet they had this great homestand that now off they got to take on the cardinals and their clubs. Yeah. It's I don't think it's gimme a make it or break it type thing for them and I think there's some say they're they've dug themselves such a big hole. And there's some positive signs that the offense on the homestand of course and so some good moments. But also is actually good the team. There's seventeen and 25. And that you know it is may be making too much of it to say or what have they don't play well on this road trip. But at some point if they continued to sink in up and they're playing better maybe they want if they continue to sink then. They do you ever think some tough decisions to make like Johnny quite so. Yes you let him maybe leave next year org you wanted to sign him for eighteen to twenty Miller's only Sony Pictures you get that much money to where you get some forum on. And what about Malloy Hanssen if they're not a very good team this year. Do you wanna pay somebody that much money to close win their other teams like resulting in the nationals the night you'll indicated some form this is tough spot for the Libyan because then create a key move those guys we are still settle with some pretty big contracts of guys. So it's not like you're going and some full rebuild mode where they were to sell off anyone. Well you're still paying Hunter Pence a lot of money right CK brass sole. What are exactly trying to do because obviously date they wanna win now they they still feel like they have a chance to turn this around and you know cure at the stat says about Colin teamed digs a hole that they they can't make the playoffs they they're gonna try to make history or whatever that's fine but. At what point you go. Maybe it's time to really unload this team yeah out life. That's a fair question they're not there yet that if if that's what we bring it up here they really struggle on the strip here and the pitching has to come around at home. As NBC sports period outcome points out it on the starters have the third best ERA in the majors too late to put on the roads of parts 662. Death and yet they have been pitching better of late so we'll see if they turn netter and the cardinals and the cubs are second and third in their in the division Milwaukee's in first place. But the cubs rank sixth in the league in runs scored cardinals have done with pitching so I mean there's an opportunity there for the. Pitching to continue to assert itself for the giants is just hard to see their as you said the hole so deep at what point do they actually get back. Quote unquote in this thing it's hard OC in with their payroll that's what makes it even tougher because you have to start thinking long term here and down. To roll top position in fact if you really think about it. AT&T park hasn't been tested yet since opening in 2000 of course is a brand new ballpark he would bonds the whole bonds or even when the giants. Faded away as contenders are still bonds chasing. History and then you have Lincecum and San have all come up in May brought a new lift at Wellesley won a World Series of tweets and of course World Series since and this like the first time they've really dealt with a bad team that's got a whole hype payroll it's interesting to see how it impacts the ball yeah. Yes going to be tough for them two of them. To accept that new reality if and back that's the case on this trip here they're gonna see Michael walker Carlos Martinez and Adam Wainwright. And then waiting in Chicago would be pile Hendrix Jon Lester in cheek area. Okay this going to be a big test for them them. If that but. They got a of course you can't just get it back to someone a road trip or anything like that. You just can't. Crap the bed on this road trip right in to keep chipping away and it it was only go do lost at the subsidy lost a person will be it was whose courage under really the only one of five to six yeah and they get to a point where they went twelve of fifteen. And that's when you start going OK maybe got some mountain. And Iraqis got them. Yeah but future do you trust him yet yet we're you know we're just about now on a quarter per. Or is there berries were between my yanked. By the other week and everyone wolf played due around forty games and that's that yachts a quarter of the season yes. So yeah I think I'd buy it because with the Rockies they played better on the road than they typically do sure also their pitching has been a lot better so those are indications that it's not a registered caller substantial write like we seniors passed all they are also met all would suffer they offense yeah the pitching here how would you now so that division in some ways upside Democrats are still. But they're still behind other cigarettes three teams atom in the Wesley yeah Colorado Arizona and doctored up. Well and so anyway did you suggest to get champion blood you know. Let's at least today. Is that part of that inspired him says that. Yeah. No that's right they've been bad for awhile I mean going back to last season yet targeted north got to keep it a roller coming up if your. Okay this these questions produced yeah us. Are you sure yes because I want your new names are right.