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Friday, June 16th

Will De'Aaron Fox be coming to Sacramento?


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Draft preview which has been. Painstakingly put together by our next guest. Long time friend of the show not just fringe of a friend period right yeah good friends. Through the ages and the one the only Scott Howard Cooper Scott how are you today sir. I'm doing great and it's always a lot of fun when it was a new mock draft this morning it becomes obsolete. Within the next few hours. Not officially yet it was but certainly the way things are looking with the Celtics who haven't inspectors as. My show collected going to be it's going to be pretty quick on this one. I think it is easy to turn that they are right around Scott. It's the Internet you know what we're doing our part but it's not run well when we have to wait published are or how seriously. Certainly at Boston would be willing to out of a surprise though is. If if he were going betrayed the assumption all along result we were going to. Trade for a better you know that that was that was kind of a sense the Celtics to quit now quote if it is great treat ship. Let's see who they can get it to connect can go to get Jimmy Butler from the polls somebody else that could help them right away. And now. It looks like to this present nobody they're going to do a deal but for other traffic's. And I think if that's interesting thing I would also say this I don't know that were done with the Celtics trading I think that that there's still going to be in the market looking around now. To put these other projects may be in to a better. Newt's got out Cooper where this NBA dot com I know that we've got a lot of variables here and there are things that we that could happen that we really can't predict but. What's your sense god do you think fox will be there at five for the kings. Right now I have him four to the suns but it certainly wouldn't be surprised you know once spot as it is is. Yeah it's such a small difference. There's still a chance people should. Sacramento fans who want gear box that. From the sense I get that that's Preben everybody. They still have reason for hope I think that the sons Larry. R&B the hurdle to clear but it certainly is it certainly is not. Out of the question. But skyward in Minnesota consolation prize to take taint him is it meant to me is when you're the kings have so many needs. You know how can you be disappointed. I think just because you get your hopes up for the air box and he's he's an electric player he's one of those guys that you resign Ortiz. And especially if you're the king junior. And you sit repaired but he healed now recover back or the future also so it just feels. So right the way he pushes the ball plays such a great speed and as a potential to become. A real quality defender. I think only in that regard the which you're right mark whoever you get it number five is going to be equality now he's going to help. It may not be with the last of the air boxes. But if you get decent a Hummer and that's who I think that they do end up with that sort have been taking. This editor helped a lot of weight. I'm Scott. The way I see it is if you're looking at from the king's perspective if you're able to get a point guard that you love like fox in this case. I think there are some similarities there it's rough comparison I know but there's some similarities to getting that. Quarterback for a football team I mean if you're trying to rebuild. And you've got a point guard that you really like that really propels your rebuild forward right now. We're talking looted there's no question. But it has been the right point guard you know for example let's just talk on the assumption that they do end up with Jason Tatum at number five. If you're down at ten and maybe you have Dennis Smith there or frank Hewitt Tina. Don't wanna take a point guard just to take the point guard you feel like there's a better talent on the board if you like for example out market. Is there in Arizona. Stretch for you if you think he's a better talent. He can't you don't take the point cart just to take a point guard because now that does is such you back in the long run. But I agree with your premise on the whole date that yes you need that the point guard to really helps that you. So Scott if the atop the draft it's jumbled as we think it may now. And at Philly jumps up we're assuming that they're jumping up to take faults does lawns a Boston the second to lakers and easy work in Alabama this afternoon or did that RD happened. Would I think you would be meeting with the matter over to work out or is much a conversation. I still think it happens I still have. The lakers taking ball at number two but I'm sticking with what I have been saying for a couple weeks it is not a done deal that the lakers are looking hard at the year fox. They're looking at Josh Jackson. I think and Noah I think this but the majority of the front offices that I speak with. Think the lakers be it at the end you pay long ball hitters not. It easy decision that a lot of financing the police. Hey Scott suggesting the connector draft preview as I mentioned your kings draft preview NBA dot com. Needs work the first thing you mentioned some that I I'm not sure a lot of kings fans are are concerned about right now we're not rebounding is an issue for this team going forward. Well I think definitive once you lose to Marcus what he would be an entire season with doctor best read about speed is now suddenly. What you are saying is. Scale of this CA which you gave us. The last part of last season now could he do it for seven. And what he's gonna get from poppy Don Imus. That there's something that there's a voice to be filled. Without DeMarcus Cousins. He's not have the kings is really blew a little bit broader question I think she's made any inroads. In their attempt to try and legitimize their front office vs what people thought about it in years past the legitimize what we do here every year being the web and he's been ally Al base guy listen that's where it's been the last couple years muzzle call it what it is. You know I should say meat but very honest there's no question about it. Looked at the Sacramento office. Skeptically I think would be would be putting it mildly. That's Scott period hire these gently. Got good marks. He's very well respected equality die hard worker. A ton of experience so there's a feeling that that's gonna help them movement forward. But let's be honest the same thing was set up to their after. Front office. Of a year ago and two years ago every time. But they've brought somebody done there was this sense. OK now is out there. Other legitimized. It's going to come down to. What happens on the court and that's where you get your real legitimacy. Is this team and start putting some more windows together are the event. And they start to push forward does. 35. Yeah it might be realistic goal we can't say for sure because we don't know exactly what the roster is going to look like what we know they're going to be buried. Can they be showing form partners is they're going to be good chemistry in the locker room. Is there going to be coaching stability. And or the basketball people. Going to be made in about all decisions orders below are going to be having a heavy handed the basketball decisions I think that's what people are waiting to see. But yet don't miss Scott Howard Cooper's. Kings to draft preview find out why seventeen and thirteen is a very encouraging number for the kings at the NBA. Dot com yes and look for Scott's an updated model any minute. Scott thank you so much for making time for us on a Friday we appreciate it have a great week and we'll talk to soon anytime you get into. He's got you bury him. Well he's right yourself to Kreider writer writer and I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm right on the money is you had you had a front office that wasn't recognized as legitimate by. Agents that's the worst place the world well.