Should Louisville lose their title banner? 6/15/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, June 15th

What will be Louisville's consequence?


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Bill will appeal the NCAA penalties from the alleged sex scandal that's an honest to goodness sex scandal president that term is thrown around a little too. Liberally these days that's a sex scandal is an honest to goodness sex scandal that will rock. Louisville's basketball program but I think they get enough lightly. It was an assistant are going to pay you for terms there yet known as an assistant coach who paid for. A woman to come perform in front of players and recruits. In in some cases that include sex access to save qualifies as sex scandal in the NCAA actually fellas on the bizarre position of having to say for the record. Yes we we we affirm that we don't approve of that was the weirdest thing like yeah I know that. You don't have to Tellme. You have to explain it but. Rick Pitino thinks he's being unfairly singled out because he was personally in addition the schools penalties he's personally been suspended for five. Conference game five ACC games yes shares but it's failing to monitors program right program on probation for four years. Unclear if Louisville will keep its. Tony thirteen national championship. Sure looks like they're gonna lose that. I I assume so it after the committee issued a vacation of basketball records in which student athletes competed. While ineligible from December 2010 and July 2014. Series Jeff Goodman. A college basketball analyst on now what this could do to pitino's legacy. Here's a survivor. We know he survived the Karen cipher deal would be extortion and everything that happened mayor and now he certainly has claimed to have no knowledge of everything that was drawn out of Philly minority halt. I would be escorts and surfers in and players and recruits. So people Marty I think place judgment I'm Rick Pitino. And ultimately. They're gonna remember him as a great coach who dealt with a lot of off the court issues throughout his career especially late in his career. The other thing Randy go back to what you mentioned earlier. Is does the banner of the 2013. National championship banner does that come down. That's big for this school that's big for the legacy. Everything about that program because ultimately they won in 2013. But the NCAA has said that a lot of these seem permissible activities occur from 2010. To do it 2014. And those wings won't be vacated. Made an interesting point earlier Markey says that North Carolina is started it'll right now about what the NCAA will do when they turn their full attention to. Alleged weaponry it's enacted an academic yeah it's like Regis they were to strip Carolina have a title all my goodness right then I mean how shameful rabbit programs don't hold legal at the same in you know on the same regard. Even though. The Putin has built it into a powerhouse. But it's North Carolina and North Carolina starts Ambien has come down it's gonna have it's going to be an end and earth shaking day in the NCAA at what you have right now is you have a program labeled it a long time it was really good initially getting in now. I'm fronted by guys do we'll do whatever and Rick pitino's you know. Made no. Bones about that he's this rapper. And he's again one way to put it an easy guy to in the face of all this has the temerity to stand up and say you know. If she asking. That's why you must shady canyon coach pitino has lost faith in the NCAA and 35 some ideas I've had a lot of faith in the NCAA Thornton. In recent past they've made some group in great adjustments. The to the rules that would help players along the way I feel not like everybody did not always an unjust unfair us. Over the tops of severe level awesome personally lost a lot of faith in the NCAA. A source familiar with the testimony. Of some of the former Louisville recruits to NCAA investigators. Says that he can't believe pitino is getting off so lightly quote five games. If I can do these things and get a five game suspension why not she. We have a head coach and a program that skated if academic fraud is bad how to prostitution. And higher education makes this was as bad or worse than any. Academic fraud in quote. You well you have to ask the NCA and that this is the dance that they do right this is this so that the NCAA does every single time down debt that they goes down this road. It invents a new. Judgment you know in the NCAA's judgment is ever wavering. It's not like the NFL in the NFL. If if you have a equipment violation during game anywhere tally are not supposed to Wear or something's wrong color. They can actually look to the rule on say that will cost you 7325. Dollars or whatever the fine maybe. The NCA with each one of these schools Whitey is it if it acts as though it has never rendered a judgment before and so when people look back at yet. Previous cases they'll say no wait a minute. This is more severe. Or wait maybe it's less severe based on the ruling issued four years ago in the whatever Syracuse scandal what are your name. The owners of the and say we'll ever rule. In all fairness to Mick from wrong Louisville's defense here and I don't think it's a good defense but their defenses look we self reported. So we were aware we showed contrition. We said look we took our own actions we we took our own punitive measures against our program. Image you can expect coach pitino to note everything that goes on in the program right that's unfair right we have miss some raw we're horrified about what happened by at southern coach's fault that is our defense well that's. Is defense that the the university's defense at large is. We always agreed that that there was an attraction we always agree that it was a horrible mistake we've punish the offender no longer works here. But this punishment. Is beyond the scope of the crime or the punishment doesn't fit the crime essentially. That's there argument. And then. I would leave it's the more veteran NCA watchers to determine whether the NCAA. Issued a ruling that it knew it would knock down on appeal Major League Baseball doesn't sometime you're suspending how many games. Four but you're going to appeal. OS four really mean one maybe two about time I get done. The NCA often functions the same way. So little's conscious following the form the form is if you screw up and by the way didn't self reports of art until woman wrote a book about it. So once the book came out in little suddenly resigned on quoted as it's helping her every time the story comes out of people this. You know how this works with books you've you've written similar books I mean you've written books are similar there would be well it's a different story isn't it. I am imagine that she gets a little bit of attention redirected to a book every time there's an article about it. I don't know how many people actually buy it because the gist of the book has been reported in the story so many times. But any rate. It's it's. It's a weird count map cat and mouse that the NCA a place where it's it's kind of lefty your own imagination whether the NCA meant to know whether it's gonna drastically reduce the punishment upon appeal Simon grinder in the dormitory sex scandal is that isn't have a same ring some the other some griner volumes we've been discussing a guy. I am but. I don't think Rick Pitino has a leg to stand guys have a hard time feeling sorry for him I have a hard time feel like while. They were really cracked down on him unfairly Iraq it's will be lighting because they the I think they got off lightly what coaches try to telegraph in these situations in the especially college sports. Whether it's football or basketball which is primarily with the NC wants a deal went. Cult what coach is won't say that they wanna say is. Come on man everybody does this year happening catch stomach electoral horrified when you know that every school. Takes guys out for a wild times trying to show them what a great place it's gonna be if they'll come here to go to school. And you know maybe my guy went a little bit over the line but they know post season ban right that is not part of this. They band themselves last year from the post season. I'm ought to look more closely at that to know. But. They band themselves already from the tournament this past season. So I think that might be it. I think it's that the more direct threat as to their championship banner once more here is Jeff. Goodman a huge thing is that they didn't get another year of a post season ban they self imposed it two years ago. That's something that they're really can jolt the program more than anything else Rick Pitino is gonna survive not coaching for five games in just are obviously see. They're gonna deal with some of the other recruiting restrictions. That have been placed on them beyond what they took two years ago when they self imposed so the big thing. Really broad global wall's summer texting me in the coaching community that they thought it was harsh. To me not that big a deal because they are to serve that post season ban. And they're not gonna get hit with another year of not being able to play and it's doubly hard you know and up next yes.