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Thursday, May 18th

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Good accent and that is terrific. Yellow and yeah I don't know I still of those doing that. Now that the kings have moved out the fifth in the draft we of course well everyone in the river cities is keenly interested in what the team to pick before the kings. Are going to do at the very top of the draft of Boston with the first pick in a lot of people have been wondering and debating should they keep the pay cut should they trade it. It seems to me their most likely to keep the tricked into keep the pick part me and today we have this Isiah Thomas says. He's talked with potential number one pick Marco Fultz. Since Boston landed the topic. And he thinks they can play well together. He's excited I mean he obviously doesn't know where he's going bodies excited about the opportunity Thomas at fault and part about the culture of the Celtics organization to which Thomas has offered insight into how things work. Yes questions I answer them is a good friend of mine inaudible Washington guy's shirt. I'm. I think that Boston would be very well served adamant figured out later. If they want him to play with Isiah Thomas grade if they want him to ease in basically eventually supplant Isiah Thomas great and things either way you can do all that's right. You take his talent and let coach figure out. So that makes a lot of since meanwhile. Jordan shall seize and India Iran and I've follow the herd writes for the Huffington Post and for SI. It's weeded gives six minutes ago. Pay very close attention TD aaron's fox. Sources have told me there's a fairly good chance he goes ahead of ball and Jackson. Little. That would be a complicated for the kings but. When you take it you're actually kind of just hoping it falls away anyway. If he dramatically rises during the com lines except here dot com has that from now till draft. Who knows yeah lining at least well if I'm one of the teams picking there and I don't necessarily want him but I think the kings really want them. I want everyone to think that I'm gonna pick Darren fox a lot of woody and do about it. That's a risk that the kings in need to avoid the that the thing the kings are actually in an. Enviable position. If they would embrace the trees that they can't go wrong I have a need lots of places. You can't get hung up on the air and fox. Or anyone guy. You're you're viewed at the most beautiful thing you can do if you're the king is in bracelet if we pick five were against summon an office where we're all good here you may be right who knows I do you see the potential was of getting hung up on Darren fox right now after the kings. Well I don't there I think he won him very much but I don't think you try to get them. The pants 'cause it what are your options are Woolsey you know. And as mr. and I. It's just that I think I need lots of help. And I don't think yeah even even I don't really believe me the kings yes even one really get picked using it to get there umi will deal will move will do my thing Eleanor tried soft tomorrow. FL veteran. Dave d.s Mason is expected to fill in but he's had a concussion this week. So I don't know what's going to happen you know and then I'll check in later into account known. Anyway congratulations to Isiah Thomas as we said he has earned all NBA second team honors. Today include. Really I mean he's that's the sending to demand a high SR he's ever been accorded me mrs. begins again I was. Jeffs only two rounds now bit that he was 'cause the last pick in the draft. And he has. Come up through the ranks to be. As the Celtics are currently constituted taking compete and out he also have the quote of the day this was today talking about why he's not scared of any old cavaliers. I believe in these guys. And us here in green there not tomorrow's stars tonight possibly Syria and finally made its ambitions as tiger. They just haven't played better than us in game one. And he's got to protect home court in game two we get the win. I was wonder how that became a saying I I understand you know release of the issues famous we the puts a pass on just like their body of wild okay who wonder why is that it but I don't know is that I think well at some point some coach somewhere got so frustrated. With his team's intimidation that he yeah resorted to something that basic yeah speaking of is that a thing. Runs guys present he's not a thing. Gotta be coming into the. I got free for today Krajina feud that's what the way this works is you know we're just inundated as you are as a media consumer effectively and figures and stories and sometimes enough and so. Sometimes you think hey I'd need to keep and I of that is that a pain and mark Chrysler who's been in the media for. Since before they even had media yes it was called medium you help us yes he helps us understand you know this is some this is a thing or don't worry about it. Right yeah that's what I'm here for yeah excited resettling in that bat in Joseph public about. These guys present is. Where it. Herself as that's part continue to do it every time play the spot half. Step on an as often as I need to. You are brought to do it over something no no I had so temperament are not trying to make actual work for anybody it's high maintenance isn't. Is this a think lakers shot continues to dominate the giants on the road you know yesterday and notices yesterday afternoon. Notice CRA to one point 2920. Career appearances and AT&T. That is the lowest mr. baseball any pitcher at any visiting ballpark since earned runs became official. Lois ER and a visiting ballpark since earned runs became official in 1912. Clayton Kershaw at AT&T 129. Hippo Vaughn at Forbes Field the 149. Tom Seaver it's San Diego stadium murder 15 later Carl manes. It shy of the park. 16 troops to those stadiums aren't even there anymore I don't want to be there for long ya wreck here. When Adams currently endangered so Clayton Kershaw 129 ERA and a AT&T. Is that a thing 100% offends. It's eliminating of his dominance. It's certainly reinforces what a great pitcher he is but also. In. At least an arguable. Rivalry situated for lot giants he has his debt on rivalry I never know Dodgers fans think about it. But let's call it a rivalry situation to have one teacher that dominant over his rival opponent is remarkable. Was the coolest thing he did yesterday when he just strode out to men to take his warmup pitches when both benches emptied so awesome. I mean here's a guy who's been around baseball long enough to know that a prime not a big deal be. One's gonna throw punch so see I surely go get New York to do yeah. It was almost like cats cute atlas nom can if I can just dumbest upright right over the years where I'm getting at work today. His very casual about it is this a dumb question. Scourge as good as Colfax is that it dumb question. Now is on them I don't think it is either an informed question. You need it's impossible answer but it's still a very valid question. And if if the last thing that has to fall has him winning game five or seven World Series or something and so be it that's fair to. That's all fine. But don't. Don't act like it's not a valid comparison. Eases Dominique a left handers the Dodgers have had since Koufax is truly that simple. Fernando Valenzuela for a couple of years. Was everything Obama. But from co facts straights and now only Kershaw just on this. Mrs. insane yeah like to talk about watching we talk about what's LeBron. In and you know you guys are watching a guy who's me I mean he might be the best effort. And that's incredible what's happened right in front of us yeah well I'm not putting curse on that class the crucial numbers are quite are otherworldly. And he's done it in at this point. Of a few different types of baseball games you know Colfax was more than fifty years ago now. But it was he was just used differently is like you'd who dominate now skirt shot how many innings with spits out that this was an issue that right but for him to do he does. Under the umbrella of what you know of how often they try to stop him from even going out there. For that next inning is pretty remarkable let me ask you this is this thing LeBron James has had at least thirty points in seven straight playoff games the longest such streak by any player. Since Shaq. And one shy of matching Michael Jordan for the longest such streak under the current playoff format. LeBron it's thirty plus points in the playoff streak is that is that a thing. Guess it's a thing. Yep it's I think more impressive to me is ninth straight playoff games with 25 points in a 50% field goal percentage. Which is one shot careens record yet you can only mean that you can always argue quality competition whatever. But thirty is thirty and how you get their and I decides he's doing diligent and issued 56% finally is this a thing Massachusetts woman arrested Monday after she knocked over six mailboxes while driving drunk. We have a lizard in her raw. Came under percent think that that thing 00 yeah. I would incite further misery I thought I'd do without solicited them offered me you know at least distilled and follow up.