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The Rise Guys
Friday, June 16th

Is Lonzo Ball open to talking to other teams beside the Lakers?


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Stunning that's the only word that leaderboard which came in champ when he two years old amateur. From Sacramento. Among the leaders. For a first page of the leaderboard with a little locates a bias name denoting of course send me pictures yeah. And you know put delay in print this season make sure everybody understands he can't win money. Other anatomy sitting in a tie for sixth there's more to sports than money Chrysler maybe you've forgotten that Neil. You jaded sports writer actually we're sportsmen money. But. He can kind of watch the guys this afternoon. Rise and fall which is really what's happening Ricky Fowler's at nine under which is terrific. But he's played ten holes and the rest of golf are coming back to pack a little bit. As they conditions I get a little bit tougher late afternoon so. He's in very human champ is in very good position to be a top ten name after two rounds of the US so patent. That's phenomenal it is stunning as I say stunning how about Dustin Johnson the defending champ B make the cut we know he's gonna make the cut who's right on the line last on this yeah I don't know. Don't know what the cut line the cut lines moving Hampshire. And will continue to move this afternoon. But he's not very good shape now I don't think he's gonna go back to back this time. And these guys present is that as I guess it's. Correct and I guess. That you little that it thing you satellite Raymond green that day after the are now actually hours after the the warriors with a team Richard there. Yeah I know I think I do. And I'm trying to remember lying namely canyons on my coffee cup right now but if the economy and explanations just kind of took can lead to. Yeah bruise the style of years it kind of bruised the informal Saturday. Loosely the afternoon some times on the show and use yeah Uzi where I'm thinking really agree with what it. Only get one here. Alonso ball is still considering talking to teams that have lottery picks below the lakers a source close. Two loans those says so he'll work out for the lakers working out what. As he worked out today gonna work out today he has already remains hopeful the lakers are given some indication whether he has separated himself through the draft process but. After today's work out you'll consider talking to other lottery teams that have asked to speak with him now I think. Imus seemingly because they had does talk to those teams and yes it's a thank okay. I wouldn't you know it's not every. Commenting proceed on the assumption that they're actually in. If the lakers like him love him or have reservations about him and that whole thing about being. Bigger than the league is going away fast and he's starting to realize that most of the even guys like Martell Fultz. Did not miss an opportunity to go and talk to other teams because you never know them so if he if he can't drive the decision. Which a lakers have been making abundantly clear over the last two weeks loans and his dad can't drive the decision. It's real Smart for some teams known you a little bit. If you are magic. I mean. And you looking at the game from the perspective of Magic Johnson 69 point guard. The likes which we've never seen before. How could how could not pick ones though the most lawns and discos and I guess yeah I do anything now here. Right and Sally have concerns and then get them to the point you made earlier this week which I think it was a great point for what that's worth what do who cares writing. But you know the lakers don't want they wanna make sure once es that you just said that. Into the Lavar is not drive in the decision to understand that you go through the exercise if you look at dire options but how would the world could they not pick on the ball. How can Magic Johnson not pick him right that's the question I mean I can see Allen organization could say well we have we nine ensure he can shoot that shot in the NBA much let's make it. Susie have to be tremendous and everything else. For it to justify not a top ten pick but the two pick in the draft. With magic board though I think that. It swings back the other way. To the point that I think someone would have to be trying to argument it would. It did the starting position B were drafting him now tell me some reason why we shouldn't because we're draft phase and it's too bad that there's no room aboard Laker company wagon for Jerry West. Yeah and I. Jerry west's inserts and that question about the lakers over the last couple weeks. Has been just guarding and left for me to think they boxer really badly some now. But they've had plenty of opportunity I am back in the organization haven't done it could be thing where magic don't want them around well that can be part of it but I think it creates magic when he goes back to. The bus Stanley not doctor blessed that Jim buss and Jeanie and maybe even Mitch caption because. The door was there in and they could have shown him in. Any time they wanted. And it would have been a celebrated news. So I think airline is a play there prior years ago that he was upset this was no doctor buss is no longer whether a story I heard was. He had told Glen Rice on a member Glen Rice you're gonna ship your option. I remember this correctly doctor buss how we're not gonna do that because we wanted to some other things and Jerry West said. I ER rates although more picking up his option. As we know we're not and so Jerry West at okay we're not pick up your option and he said IU quit. I resign my you know you have to do with the owner says but he. These I I I can't do that I'm not continuing with this job yeah well now as years ago obviously overtime Glen Rice. Yeah but I think that that Jerry West probably feel love stuff really deeply at any rate it seems weird that he's going back to LA with the clippers. With his son working for lakers. The whole things is bizarre and you can tell by Jerry west's answer. He's said many times a lot of I'd love always have the lakers in mean that's. Who I am. But this challenge is great in other words they didn't. Want me. For whatever reason so okay I'll go advise somebody else back to more is that thing in testimony. Here but first 34913 point Eric NE SP at thirteen twenty hello Eric. Today that we yeah the one of the ball normally breaking news is it's gonna happen I think. I think you all in the third suspect in the player and they wouldn't want calls about it all. On the dad I gotta get there is rumor out there are I don't can't qualify at the there was a poll from the non that he that that they really don't care about the father they feel like there are professional major organization they're not like. On and even they've ever you've all heard from utilities said what are all over it is still it was our endeavor all order the practice it was pretty cute. Such a professional level and not be an acute that the fun or is it going number you like about so you. On this there's rumors true about often and silly at all there's the bell. Flat fire blockade on back on it again and again. It it really is there's just no way around that I know it's not a pleasant topic of conversation around these parts but there's no question that's what's going on. Exactly but I had gotten it all about the US open Atlantic all ought. And I react hammered here Lipper yeah apparently armed and now wider got up all of he just we back acted beyond whether. Are bad gentleman that is reducing bake it did in fact call in Cameron got into the series saying thank you airman dot com. Detect and it didn't have a guy let me that they little ball right now I would its chairmanship. Indicated to get that at a national velvet all well. Thought about it on either is that it did. On I didn't realize how how you how long was that you opened yesterday spirited guys what equipped right now they're measured. All they're already different matter of I've read like nine to permit later mom the other station down the street from me was saying that increased sixty. On mark I would correct the official yearlong PGA tour averages that you of the better ones from the front nine. One from the back nine it almost always have our moderate super duper loans are or where they know guided in driver. So you have the official for the years to hurt her around eight early. So the guys that play on permanent like that for the ball roll. There and have a higher average and the guys the players for court sort of a lot of maneuverability and more three wood off the seat. I ever chip does agree would say that the numbers for the week might be lower prices average for the whole. But then there's also the sick and the fact that he can quiet they killed other guys and it's too unbalanced world. The Jackie particular point thirty extra yard and maybe you don't deserve but he earned it by wind over the hill a in Belgrade in east African long. Sought IR II he's played plenty of amateur event in order collected effort. But do not expect in the fold a knock on a win here on on thirteenth or any. But he played up services like many of these other hammered they play all around the country big time event for the galleries. Is knocking the ball who have not seen eighty blow up tomorrow I expect in Munich intention and he will be able amateur and while get their act as a suspect a lot of local port. Thanks Eric yeah absolutely I'm all promise and all upside and I noted. There's been some comments from some the people who consummate the lower levels of ruling never a question that they thought he was CNB competitiveness in the game to be really really good in into play on the tour and succeed so I hope he does. Mean back to it is that I think thank you Eric yeah appreciate the insight. Marco full potential top pick now it looks like gum maybe Phillies trading up to get him but Marco faults. Has decided that he may work out for the lakers called it a family decision. Say and I you never know where my Atlanta it is one of the C. How it is out there it Marco faults. Wants to work out for the lakers. He completed a solo work out yesterday is that I think yeah that's a thing that's at this time. We're. As you would expect agents and the players. Are about a day or two ahead of us with the news. So when mark felt Fultz are sucks about working now for other teams. It's. There in in their own way they're conveying their understanding that the Celtics aren't all in on March hopefuls will what happens a day later a day later Phillies trying to trade up to one. And Boston's apparently receptive to the offer yes you are reporting that fault did not shoot the ball quote exceptionally well and quote during his recent work out. With the Celtics. And it could be it Danny Ainge was sitting on the one pick all along thinking would in my offered only have to of the one pick we're pretty good shape here. I'd draft him if I want to. But if I love Josh Jackson for example or I'd love Tatum. Or love dear phone I can have any of those guys. I can probably have anybody who isn't named ball. If if I move back to three miles away in my really sacrificing here finally cries with 29 points against the Chicago Sky tonight Diana Taurasi. Would pass Tina Thompson as the WNBA's all time leading scorer she's averaging 24 point one points per game in Chicago in her career is that I think they for its relay that's a thing that's. Chaos. 437. To get this guy and June 1 and Leo well that's why I feel so good about what's gonna happen tonight. I'd Diana Taurasi in our household is always is will always be number one favorite. Women's player. Amateur or professional because she was nice cracks it it's really an elevator when they we were actually it was the kings. Planet rockets in China is the only way back into the two thousands. And we took our family in the Al meaning era yes. The rockets were actually the show the kings for the team that came along and play them is it true that Mike Bibby was so poorly dressed that that's why the commissioner. Decided it was an institute. Wore a dress code I don't know that I'm I know that that was a subject of some common during the trip aka. I'm though we had we had an amazing to not to go on and on about where an amazing trip and we got me a lot of people. To weigh out the boys Bill Walton. Touching Gundy Patrick Ewing but there are a lot of moments for my team and six year old staring at the skyscrapers nicest personally met Diana Taurasi about why I bought. She's the sweetest person she just cute over on you not played against their yeah right in she's killer that's what I Leva about she's she plays full intensity. She plays WNBA inning goes overseas every year plays a whole other season overseas she's done it every your flight eighteen years. She's amazing story. When she can score. Such a thing. All right thanks stride listener today. Yeah yeah.