Wade Phillips Interview 5/18/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, May 18th

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Very excited to start the hour with a very special guest sees the defensive coordinator for the Al Los Angeles rams he was a Super Bowl champ of course. As the defensive coordinator with the Broncos former NFL head coach. And he's the author of the new books on a bomb lessens my dad taught me about football and life. Wade Phillips nice not to joining C Ernie ESPN thirteenth when he coach how are you today sir. Under a great well thank you for your time and before we take a look back as you do in your book. I got to ask you about a looking ahead with the rams how excited you about the all the defensive talent you have an LA. There are very excited we've got a good group peer. We already had a mini camp and we're looking forward term but also it will create a column. Start next week will be out on the field so. It's been that term them apart and so for because. When the body and what we're done and we've got some talent retention and I've been looking at temple we will. Coach you have on years Tweeter. Feed ape and photo that is truly remarkable of a line in Denver. Probably 67 people wide and blocks deep. Waiting to sign your book that that would I I take it that they still left in Denver coach who. You know I don't know direction of programs and recuperate and enough for them it was a fair released exact opposite. I'm glove and then you look at and. I'd bet that that time in Denver. You know you've you've had so many great coaching assignments you've done great jobs lot of different defense is what made that Broncos defense so special. All of can figure it out here. And then. We litter it's social reticent within the posters won't even more that your sermons you know we share down. Thought our operating and Cam Newton pretty incomplete and put option up. War. Almost legendary defense. What they. Coach Wade Phillips with a as his new book is son a bomb left with my dad taught me about football and life in coach whether it was something in your debt Todd you're. Or something you learn from experience would you save your favorites to or your lesson that you have included in the book. Well while. You know almost certain then I don't know but coaching but I think it was important people who aren't. You know a lot about. I want to put it in the airport coaching book wasn't well and from a bit that you. You don't have you know how to vehicle maker. Two. Civilian cultures you know coaching them griping non federal different book but. I don't know it's got a radio hampered at. Let coaches and gripe about things as estrogen people have been loosened. Editor so many coaches the people within their coaching because. You know we did our computer wouldn't do well that's that's what coaching and teaching those people on their votes and there should. It. So oh hole in ones you know. Coach how much of your own style and your approach with you guises was was either. In formed or really formed by how you watched your dad do his job. Well I'm doing most of the women you know normally you're dead but here's my high school coach. You know in the coach who coaches and influences you. And how he coached in the movement coaching college student. You know or Portland weird so. You know I'm almost there could be a their influence in their acceptance movement there so we know that put together. I don't think you helped me certainly. Throughout I was trying to console Rory. Wade Phillips with us as I say the author of course and it legendary NFL coach a son a bomb lessens my dad taught me about football and life. When I think you're dead one of the things I think Kevin is. You know those excellent Oilers teams and how is good as they were they just were not the Pittsburgh Steelers and every year you know for number years there coming up to issue work. Armed and but I think you're dead and the perseverance I mean how did those have been those excellent teams that just were not as good as the Steelers. How did that cheap the way your dad approach life than football. Where I didn't you know the war. We turn it can afford me the basic line Mona I have pyrotechnic. Yeah. Look you know unfortunately our second best in football. But there were with the best in the they have up in his court and obviously championship. And then more than they actually lost open play out should or should go so we brought Milosevic and vocal champions which we should yours there. And as you know. Never really talked about winning or even this even. He thought our. During his best and then. In the that's global cricket itself physically than him. And that's. That what you do encroach into them into the ocean blue. There is a global picture itself or you know. Mr. parent coaches there's. What event are one we're going to be sort of a cook at you know when it's something I'm. It is. Coach you've by virtue of being able to be in the game. For as long as you have you've coached at this point kind of different generations of athletes are the guys see a coach and today. Very similar says DA did the distance athletes you coached a pastor have things really change on defensive side of the football. Well athletes that are now more reports started coaching and it's four years ago here we had some. Some really good players. Some position so we didn't has been good athletes at all. You know. There's no training and so forth. They're bigger and stronger and faster than Stabile world that we. They're strong platform. But not as mentoring movement and so. On the training the training and the tradition almost. But Bernard council it'll was that we did before that there's there's still room it's still levels. Still the pro bowlers would. And the good players and every player in the book where. Coach Wade Phillips with a sunny SP and thirteen point what's it like coaching for Jerry Jones. It's pretty I mean you know. Travelers are certainly. You know as a you know on the market so certainly. We'll. Jerry Jones is in the general manager which. People serve well that's actually. We have a gentleman and sometimes that is critical to park it. With all workers. To get that you won't you know because got to go to general manager. Well with Jerry in or you're just talking. And maybe you should know. You know you that some sort of force in order order you want that. You know you wanna do so then what between whatever. Only to go straight to him so that would go over. Coach he got an up close look at John Elway and the guy was of the view had about a a wonderful hall of fame career. But has really successfully transitioned into the executive role. Is he a guy that you saw coming and as far as a front office type guy. So world. Wouldn't want to approach it was successful sort of you know because it was such. You know Smart quarterback to you know it's not been the great talent and very Smart and so then fired its forum in these successful including the future. The women in the car business and forceful. They don't and general manager subversive what so. Not that department concedes you know it's no wonder they're gonna. And everything. Coach Wade Phillips with a as the book against sun a bomb lessens my dad tell me about football and life. I'll with Denver you guys had a course the no fly zone had an incredible secondary the year before that the legion of boom went in the super ball on nearly. When the Super Bowl with theater with the CR XA's course and have won a Super Bowl. The newer rules coach that make it easier than ever to pass the ball to they also make it more important never to have a truly believed in athletic secondary. Now I'm gonna put a lot of pressure I would network owned and the last two years it's felt in peril. Ten under 200 yards from the first two years. It's. What incentive does well it's difficult to do my. Because Abu and so for them and the cal of Omaha sensible. Yeah and and take picked found that there are certain plays. Certain that there. Coach is someone I realized going to be coaching against him that at some point but as someone who has seen franchises get built and put together do you have a sense of how big this scope of the challenges to Kyle Shanahan with the 49ers right now. You know Harmon would not grant performed well this year it's a different field. Got an idea yeah I can't vote yeah or am involved in certainly yours. Have to rebuild your great note or whatever they're when the call. So. Both French and it was looking up. There's certain Seattle and even her own decisions. You know we're both at the same concerns. Well I'll hopefully the vocal do very well great reading for your Father's Day is coming out some summer reading I was on a bomb lessens my dad tell me about football and life. Coach thank you so much for your time. Best of luck with the book in where he's pretty soon you guys we back Canada. There won't be long at least are not created their practices Netflix so. One in the world this summer movies will bury him for sure. Best look for the good coach thank you very much free time militia here you thank you coach coach Wade Phillips yes take it easy coats on a bomb lessens my dad tell me about. Football and life and life it sounds like he can instill a title from from coach or brighten. And three Carey yeah owners and at least in say football is Jan fifth cup next or what would football be footballs and it's as we know it's definitely not jazz it's like a Sousa march yes there you go.