Why didn't Paul George get a max deal? 5/19/17

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Friday, May 19th

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Not terrific. Cities Mason and today. Hey when he got to be on good day again I'll be a good day tomorrow morning at 7 AM you know it's good they were you more of the morning yes what am I don't Mara you know I don't know. You know I am gone blue line while I'm sure I think LB. Jenny what's going on I'll probably be at the moto cross came down I'm sure those there. And they'll be on Sunday. Then next Tuesday Wednesday Thursday so it is what's good day about it on Sunday as sometimes you even that you anchor right yeah when they're really just for the guy you know. Once you go an acre. Yeah so then now on the TV star yeah. Who needs this radios and tell them what they said he can you come to an in the radio wit. That thing exists still has that rise the hell yeah you does illegal mock showed. Oh. And make you check out if you're not already checking out. The Mo and he's podcasts it's the deuce and mole podcasts I did I say it wrong it's you know that people know what I mean I mean if you with a mole induced a comma we're work yeah yeah Houston mode dot com okay for search and iTunes stitcher Google playing. Around where audiobook. Right OK what things. Thanks for coming in I'm sorry if I system Pronger and did it you know and I do ask that they don't want it was a more receivers I don't know they would you change if you want I don't care if it's not like oh she's a woman should go to assertive. It's alphabetical right he goes for absolutely yes yes yes. I thought it was interesting although I was not the least bit surprised. That there have been really no room. Ruffles. No issues no ripples from Mark Cuban sent oil we take at the end of the year. You know I don't sum is a boon. I thought you know and everyone knows that happens and he was honest about it and there really hasn't been much fought at all and I'm glad I think it just shows that were Smart enough and sophisticated enough to understand. It happened to be white teams do it and see it works. Yeah. I and I think in their case they were going to make the playoffs. So to me that taking were essentially to extremes pains you know baseball pianist season you're you do literally daddies are playing some young guys to get him experience. The same thing in basketball I have no problem with them go. You know what we're not gonna make it Dirks older he's going to be with a couple more is I'd rather play some of the younger guys down the stretch. Give them experience and yet we're gonna lose more games but that should benefit us with the draft position yeah I mean if we get to a point where it's like. You know a great team goes yeah I. We don't want to be the seventh seed this year war we're deadly issue and for the playoffs but you know one. This draft is deeper bench all of our guys down the stretch then there's like a real issue but when your bad team who can rise. I do think that thinking is a little different in the way you describe it I don't think that that's take the mavericks I don't think they said. Let's play the young guys and okay we're gonna lose and I think they said we wanna lose game so let's play the young guys around delegate but I think people more games but what's so what's the problem with I don't have a spotless I think that people look at it like. Oh it's a disservice to the fans well I mean here you have a losing team and Ryan among we sought here and we you know the kings played how many teams that came through. We're taking you know what I had approaching the appointment that word is the little pejorative the suns are greater example sons are bad team. I don't know why Devin Booker was resting the final game of the season Devin Booker is a second year player in the NBA. He can play. Like this what do you young guys he he should be playing the final game of the year in Sacramento man but I understand whether the plane Tyson jailer down the stretch run older guy there's no no benefits of doing that. That's understand when teams do stuff like that went OK now I know Devin Booker is what your best players but he's a young guy. That's a blatant tanking and plus they get rewarded bright bright Adam silver on handling resting players. Always talk to Wii owners about is ensuring that players don't rest with the teams don't rest of multiple starters on the same night we all know when those marquee nights are and number two to the extent players need rest and occasionally they do that the team's plan in advance and try to arrest when necessary at home game. Yeah those are really I mean sometimes they they cross but I think it's two separate things resting stars and taking her to separate sure and that rest issues a tough one too because I don't think there's a perfect solution and I think. What's still brings up. Although the sniper it's not great if you have a good team menu staff Currie it's your only time it would go warriors game in Europe home and stuff per is a plane that's gonna bum you out but. I think it's proven that these some of these guys do need the rest yeah borrowing a year you use the baseball analogy that happens in baseball law I get older more chances alone they have Buster Posey catches Friday night and a Saturday day game buses stop playing today you know. Closer when you know plan they might sorry it yeah. Right. Meanwhile you have. James Harden and John Wall. They are guys now that have a because they made all NBA teams yesterday. They are eligible for these super Max contracts. They joint staff Korean Russell Westbrook as players eligible. Or the super Max deals Currie qualified with his MVP. Victories in Westbrook minority qualified but by virtue of being named all NBA yesterday. Harden and walking cash in with a big super deals teams aren't qualified under contract for the next two years from most 59 million. You can then signed for four years tacked on to that for about a 171 million while they came about six years and roughly 230 million John Wall qualified. Under contract for the next two years spurred. 37 million he can sign a four year extension for about a 171 million giving him six years and 208. Million dollars while total and that's all based on. Decisions at the writers making a lot of people are upset by that I don't like dead I don't think the writers like it either. I don't I don't think they like the fact that their votes can dictate how much players can make and Paul George is a great example he missed out on it Nan that could cost them a lot of money and it could cost the pacers Paul George yeah here's Brian win Horst. I agree that if not a come. Comfortable feeling to go in and book called George in the eyes knowing that I have. Have control over seventy million dollars and I did do that I spoke to talk about this topic near the end of the regular season and how he felt about it. It was uncomfortable but if the media members are responsible. Which they should be to be giving these votes is the best option of the bunch of bad options to figure this stuff. So Paul George nine as one more year with the pacers after the lakers do you go get him. Via trade gap I I waited out. And she worry isn't a couple years I'm a marketing give up. Assets with my draft picks to get him now I would assume that if you were gonna do something like that you'd have to have some assurance that he's gonna resigning with sure not just one year mean that would be foolish and snipe you know I like Paul George is a nice player but I don't look at him as a franchise changer and especially on the lakers if he joined the lakers. This offseason. Are they a playoff team. I don't think so it's interesting it's an instinct you have poll George puts up the numbers but you know he's a good play an idea. And it's been incredible how he's bounced back. Since that injury. Commercial wary of ball game Iowa and then in real games he misses every time because he isn't gonna make any big time shots. I just like his attitude I think that I I may be I don't know. I think how he'd handled. Some of those losses in the plants and a Lackey threw his teammates under the bus adjusting a tablet that's not what you do to the need not leadership no that is not leadership at all and then you're gonna take the big shot and you come up short. That that's what bugs me about him. Let's see also tonight we have prior to game two we have the finalists for NBA awards will be unveiled. I'll grades yet big awards show gas only three finalists will be announced for each award meaning. What was a Foreman MVP race for much of the season will be cut down to. The re so we'll have the finalists announced they do this in baseball now for the awards I hated I think it's ridiculous that a side the voting started been conducted business so why in the world finalists. I don't get to vote and just ludicrous and say someone made this point forget who wasn't it was a great one that. You know the way they announced awards in the past they'd each have it on their deceit at announced defensive player the year in the next week FB six man yeah is allow those guys to get the attention to load they deserve. Well what would the Georgia happens. About the there's sort of an MVP that's the only one they care about don't sound that excited about the first NBA awards it's after the season is during June 26 drew a shocker Drake hosting it cool nick is he's a big NBA fan I have cruel that's awesome mom have you watched the NBA excuse me the NFL awards show hell I really haven't either I don't know why they do it I guess it's additional content but it seemed just makes me feel. Yeah I gonna sit around all I gotta find out who this man of the year. Video well I'd do is thank you very much for coming.