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High Levels of Dangerous Chemicals Found in Air Near Oil and Gas Sites

A study of the air near oil and gas drilling sites in five U.S. states found sometimes dangerously high concentrations of chemicals....

Poll Finds Generation Gap on Energy Issues as Millennials Voice Climate Concerns

As voters head to the polls Tuesday, new research finds a generation gap on energy issues as millennials voice far greater concern about climate change.

Two-thirds of young adults (aged 18 to 34) say they're inclined to vote for a political candidate who supports cutting greenhouse gas emissions and increasing financial incentives for renewable energy, according to an online poll of 2,105 U.S. residents by the University of Texas at Austin. In contrast, just half of seniors (aged 65 or older) say they would lend such support....

Congratulations to Madison Bumgarner: a World Series champ and wilderness champ!

What a year!


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