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BLM policies favor oil and gas above all other uses of public lands
Anastasia Greene

The Bureau of Land Management’s current approach to managing our public lands is allowing companies to lease most of America’s public lands for oil and gas development – with ov

No Exit: Fixing the BLM’s Indiscriminate Energy Leasing
Jun 28, 2016

This report describes how the U.S. government agency that oversees 700 million subsurface acres of oil and gas resources on nearly 250 million acres of public lands is saddled with outdated and unbalanced policies, often contradicting its own mandate to manage the land for multiple uses.

No exit: How our public lands are fated for oil and gas development

The “No Exit” report shows that regardless of conservation value or potential energy resources, the Bureau of Land Management automatically places our public lands on the highway to oi


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